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    Help identify this cosmetic, please

    Hey guys,

    A friend and I are trying to identify this cosmetic. Credit for screenshot- Jadzi.

    We're looking for name(s) and what quest gives it. Or, even better, if you can barter for it.


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    I think this is barter heavy armour from Eastemnet Armour Quartermaster - http://lotro-wiki.com/index.php/East..._Quartermaster

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    The barter armor sets are different, they bear the crests of the respective - riding, or what it is called.

    This one shows a tree on the chestpiece. I guess it is the Champion's Armor of the Hytbold Storm, because the set looks like the one in the first picture of this posting, or the Guardian's Keen Hytbold Armor.

    What makes me wonder, is that the character in this posting wears shoulder pieces and boots that differ in color.

    Greetings, Polymachos

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    If you haven't looked at it, I can recommend 2-3 of the sets you can barter for in Galtrev. They truly look awesome dyed in Red (or preferably Crimson), Forest Green and Evendim Blue. They have a sense of lightness while very much saying 'Tough piece of protective gear!' - even on F character and even the hunter one:

    This image does not do it justice in any shape or form. I used it in crimson with the flower circlet same dye and no shoulder deco, I think.

    I did not like the Hytbold set looks at all, but then I was stuck with some that had some sort of chain mail pyjama on the chest piece and one that was a t-shirt of protection. Never wore it visibly.

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    I went to Hytbold with a Thane, and checked the armor barterers. It turned out that the set is in fact the Champion's Hytbold Storm (in red); and that the Guardian's Keen Blade set has the same appearance, except for the color, it is Rivendell green. I guess the screenshots that I was referring to were made a good while before the sets were implemented in the game, and thus their skins not yet finished.

    Edit: Before I forget it; the armor sets of Hytbold are account bound. To obtain them requires you to have a character at minimum level 84 - which in your case is of the Champion class - and has started to rebuild Hytbold. It will get easier if you have a Thane, a character that finished all quests and released the prisoner that had been jailed in Cliving at the end of the Detective story. The Thane can see all barter vendors of the Hytbold armor sets, obtain them regardless of class, and send them to the respective classes on the same account. That means the Thane can be a Guardian, and yet barter a hunter set, put it into the mail or shared inventory, and the hunter can take it out and wear it (if level 84 or higher).

    If you are trying to put the armor on a character that is lower than level 84, or of a different class, you will have to use the wardrobe.

    Greetings, Polymachos
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    Quote Originally Posted by Macroscian View Post
    I can recommend 2-3 of the sets you can barter for in Galtrev.
    Managed to host the screenshot. Hope this works In evendim blue so you can see what bits can be dyed.

    EDIT The advantage with these sets is you need only marks and medallions - and you can get ported through to Galtrev as early as level 60.
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    The backpack from the new cash shop advert:

    What is it, please?
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    This backpack is not available, not even in the shop. People already tried to identify it, some say it existed several years ago, but no one could name it precisely.

    Greetings, Polymachos



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