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    Cosmetics for low level Loremaster? (lv 40)

    Does anyone have advice on where I can look for some nice looking light armor pre-Moria? I have not been thrilled with the low level light armor. Are there any rep vendors, skirmish, or some out of the way place I have not thought of looking?

    Where do you go for some fun cosmetic options pre-Moria?


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    If you know how to use cosmetic clothes, you can change the appearance of your characters regardless which armor they are wearing.

    There are cosmetic vendors at the skirmish camps that offer clothes for your marks. Some of the pieces are quite nice.

    Another way to obtain cosmetic clothes is possible only when a specific event is going on. The next one that allows you to obtain cosmetics will be the Anniversary in April. Each festival yield tokens which you can use to obtain various things from the NPCs (eg nice horses), and there is always a NPC that offers Cosmetic Gift Boxes which contain decorative clothes. The outcome is random; but they aren't that expensive, so that it should be possible to find something decent for your character.

    If you are not happy with the colors, you can buy dyes. Don't use Mithril Coins to obtain them, all can be made by Scholars from material that can be found within the game.

    If you are not sure whether a specific item (or several) will look good, press the CTRL key and click with your mouse on the piece of cosmetic or equipment, and you will see a preview of how your character will look. You can also change the color in the preview, and check if the result is good or just meh.

    There is a thread in this forum that is dedicated to interesting outfits. If you browse it (warning: It has 170 pages) and look for lore masters and what they are wearing, you might find some inspiration that helps you to give your character the special touch.

    Greetings, Polymachos

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    Great ideas - thank you

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    Also remember that you can wear armor higher than your level cosmetically if you bring it from the wardrope. So if you find some really nice looking armor that you can't equip yet, just add it to the wardrope & drow some colors on it then mix & match as you wish.

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    Also to remind that wardrobe lets you cosmetically equip even medium/heavy armor pieces.

    Check out the cosmetics listings and also different armor listings on the Auction House, sometimes you come across some unexpected finds. Upper level armor tends to have better looking appearances than early level, try on different ones and you might be surprised with something.

    My own Loremaster wears robes only, which somewhat limits the options yet opens the ground to do more with less. If your question is more class-specific than general, would be happy to offer further ideas.
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