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Thread: House pets?

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    Question House pets?

    Here's a simple cosmetic question. Does someone know if there's any way (gaining it at the game o buying it from LoTRO Store) to adquire an ordinary pet just for home decoration? I mean, I've seen there's yard stuff such as a Trained Cave-claw, a Chicken Coop or even is a turtle in Nanu's Hiding Place. But is there anything like a simple pet such as a dog or a cat? Not a mighty battle cat nor a fierce guardian mastiff, just a good-for-nothing-ball-of-fur, so called cat, or a tail waving dog. No matter if it's indoor or outdoor.
    Thanks on advance.
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    Unfortunately, there isn't!

    I so wish there were pets though for our homes. That would be so great!
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    Put that as a suggestion in Suggestion forum, it will be definetly +1 from me

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    Besides those you listed, the best I can find are the following (must have pre-ordered the Mines of Moria expansion):

    However, a dev recently said they would consider adding a dog property guard to the Turbine Store:

    "I could probably whip up a dog property guard if that is something you might be interested in."

    "Dogs would actually be really easy especially since they have a Random appearance table as well (like the dwarf). The only issue is that they have a baked in bark sound that happens frequently, so I would have to lower that so they don't get annoying."

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    Quote Originally Posted by Alohomora View Post
    Unfortunately, there isn't!

    I so wish there were pets though for our homes. That would be so great!
    Thanks for the quick response Aloh. I can't believe there are none! I mean, it's the obvious stuff. I know this is a fantasy game and perhaps many want to have an oliphaunt hanging around the backyard but, hey, hello there... I don't ask much! Even more. I've seen cats sleeping in the Prancing Pony chairs and arround the Partying Tree. I've seen dogs sit down aside their master in Staddle. So there are already in the game, just they are not available for players. So pleeeeeaaasseeeee add them!

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    Quote Originally Posted by CroVoid View Post
    Put that as a suggestion in Suggestion forum, it will be definetly +1 from me
    Good idea CroVoid. Already done:

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    I'd love a cat for my house. Great idea.

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    I'd also love a cat for my house. The cave claw is so well-done, I'm sure it wouldn't be too difficult to create a dog/cat also. Pleaeeeeease, oh wise developers?
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    I think I red somewere you are able to get a mouse. But dont hold me to it.
    It would be nice to have a nyxe or a fox...or a cat like listed above. Our Skrim soldiers can come in our house and fallow around town, why not a pet for in-home decoration? Really be nice.



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