Knights of Valour is one of Vilya's Oldest Largest and friendliest Kinships and we are currently Recruiting we are a Fun Friendly VERY Helpful and Active Kinship with over 1400 members 900 or so active in the last month alone we run weekly High AND Low Lvl Skirms/raids/instances we have grouping opportunities Galore and we Were Voted Best Party kin on the server by Turbine we have SM and Westfold or High Lvl Crafters in ALL Crafts a Kin House in Bree land and is our website. so if ur interested in Joining /t me Venomousarrows in game or Pherenn or any toon that has Pher at the beginning of the name or Sumerose Linadulin or any Barley named toon to join the Fun

Have Fun and Enjoy Middle Earth

Venomousarrows Officer of Knights of Valour