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Thread: please help

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    please help

    for some reason i cant get my abc files to work ...

    this is what i do :

    in my lotro main file , i go in the music file , and in that music file i create a blog-note , and i name it farewel_mary.abc , and in that blog note i put this :

    X: 1
    T:Ffarwel Mari
    |B2B AGF|D2E B,2B,|D2D G2A|B3 B3|B2B AGF|D2E B,2B,|D2D G2A|B3 B3|B2B ABc|d2B G2B|AGF D2A|c2B A2F|G2A B2c|B2A G2A|A2G E2^D|E3 E3/|

    i save it then open lotro , when im on my character i equip my instrument and wright "/music" then "/play farewel_mary" or "/play farewel_mary.abc" and i receive a message saying that they cant open the txt file

    what should i do ?

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    Are you changing the file format from .txt to .abc?

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    I'm a little unclear by what you mean when you say that you put it in your main file. Do you mean that you are putting the file in the Lotro program directory? If so, that is not what you should do. Go into your documents directory and look for the Lord of the Rings Online directory. In that directory, make another directory and name it "Music". That is where you should put all your abc files. You can have sub-directories in that directory but all your abc's must be in that music directory.

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    how do you change the format from txt to abc ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dungorthed View Post
    how do you change the format from txt to abc ?
    nevermind ^_^

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    click the file name twice, not a double click. Like you are going to change the file name. Select the .txt and change it to .abc then save. Windows will gripe at you but just tell it ok or yes.

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    Also, make sure your system isn't hiding known file type extensions, or you could be naming the file "filename.abc.txt" where the .txt extension is invisible.

    In your folder options, there will be a checkbox to hide known filetype extensions. Just disable that and you should have no trouble.

    Also note that the game will recognize both .abc files and .txt files.

    Also ensure that the file is in the right place. That is, NOT the game folder, but the folder in your My Documents folder. My Documents/Lord of the Rings Online/Music/ is the correct address for the files. To be sure you have it in the right place, type /playlist in the game, and it should list everything in the music folder (whether they're music files or not). If you don't see the song there, you have it in the wrong place.



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