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    RoR Craft APIs and Multi-output recipes

    I've been toying around with this all day and whilst it's really a fantastic set of APIs to have, I have one small pointer I would like to bring to the devs attention, and that would be the issue of multi-output recipes. Everything else works perfectly, however when a recipe should have more than one possible output, there seems to be no way to distinguish between these outputs.

    Perhaps an additional call in the 'Recipe' group called something like GetOutputCount()

    Then for GetResultItemInfo() you could simply enter the number of the item you wish to get as an index.

    Though this wouldn't help if the ingredients were different (as I believe they are in some recipes e.g. Minstrel multi-output instruments). It would in someway help at least to be able to see what the multi-output results are.

    Thank you.

    I would also like to request access to all the recipes if possible, not just those known, but with an IsKnown() call in the Recipe group. It would be nice to have access to recipes from other professions, or to view the items that can be made from unknown recipes. At present you can only access the known recipes for your vocation.

    For recipes that have a cooldown, could we also please have a call to get the cooldown remaining when a recipe is not ready for use.
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