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    [Olde World Adventure] An Unexpected Costume Party, Sept. 15, 6pm, Methel-stage

    The Children of Arda would once more like to invite all members of the Free People to a fabulous event to honor the journey of Bilbo Baggins, which will be hosted at the Methel-stage near Bywater in the Shire on Saturday, September 15 from 6pm to 9pm servertime. Please be aware that this is an RP event.

    You don't need to wear a costume for the party, but you might just find that you win a prize if you do! There will be prizes for the best costume in three different categories: Best Smaug, Best Bilbo and Best Gandalf.

    We are able to give away these very generous prizes thanks to Turbine's support:

    The winners of each costume category will receive 1500 Turbine Points! Those who make it to the second place will win 1000 Turbine Points, and third places will receive 500 Turbine Points!

    Attention: If you bring a live dragon to the party, I fear you will be asked to tie it to a tree outside the Shire while the event goes on!

    If costuming isn't your thing, never fear! You will also be able to follow in the footsteps of the greatest burglar of all time by showing your prowess with riddles! Your wisdom and knowledge of all things Middle-earth might be your way to fame and fortune - or at least to several more prizes.

    If you have any questions, you are also welcome to send an in-game letter or /tell to Ellonur, Gwyndir, Bainith or Eledu.
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    Looks like there will be much Merry-making in the Shire this Saturday! Best of luck to you and your event, if I have time before my event I hope to pop in and share a riddle or two. Through Masquerade and Mirth shall Children of Arda shine throughout Imladris.

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    Exclamation Rules and general faq

    Welcome one and all again to Children of Arda's costume party! Some of you may remember us from our Masquerade, and we look forward to seeing you again. Some of you may be new, and in that case, it's a pleasure to meet you!

    This time around, we changed the theme a bit. Instead of masks, we're doing some good, old-fashioned, Middle Earthian cosplay! Dust off your robes and armor, and polish your walking sticks! We're looking for Bilbos, Gandalfs, and some wickedly clever Smaugs.

    The prizes are pretty awesome this time around, too. As Esteiel mentioned above, we've got a total of nine prizes to give out: three first, three second, and three third places (that's one for each costume). First place will get 1500 TP, second place will get 1000 TP, and third will still walk away with a pretty 500 TP.

    There will also be a riddle game where we'll be tossing out some fun riddles Bilbo-style, and your rewards will include some gold and some in-game items. Riddles will happen before and after the costume judging, so stick around in pockets to take part! (instructions for how to /joinchannel pockets are down below, so keep reading!)

    The nitty-gritty rules:

    For the costume contest, we're not going to be calling you on stage like we did last time. We'll be wandering the crowd, interacting with and checking out all of our guests. So this makes things a bit trickier.

    Judging will be at 7:30 (check /servertime if you need assistance on times), but in the time before that, we encourage you to pick a costume and stick to it. You can only win once, and we won't tell anyone prior to judging who's winning.

    THIS MEANS, IF WE THINK YOU'RE THE BEST BILBO, BUT THEN YOU CHANGE INTO A SMAUG OUTFIT, YOU WILL NOT WIN FOR BILBO. You need to be in what you consider your winning outfit when 7:30 rolls in, because that's when we'll award prizes.

    THIS IS NOT JUST A COSTUME CONTEST. IT IS ALSO A ROLE-PLAY EVENT. What this means is that, if you look like Gandalf, but pick a wedgie and roll around on the ground, you aren't going to win for best Gandalf. We're looking for you to not just look your part, but act it. Be creative. Use emotes, items, and talk like your character. You are not *required* to do this, but if there's a tie for first, the better actor will take the prize.

    And last but certainly not least, YOU DO NOT NEED TO BE THE CORRECT RACE TO DRESS UP. This means our best Gandalf could be a female elf champion, and our best Bilbo might be a dwarf. Having skills and props to back up your character can be fun and handy, but you can be just as convincing through emotes and conversation.

    For the riddle competition, Riddles will be announced in /emotes and in pockets. All answers MUST BE SAID IN POCKETS. Any answers in /tell, /say, /shout, or /emote WILL NOT BE COUNTED. First correct answer wins.

    If you answer correctly but have wandered away elsewhere, the next person to correctly answer will get the prize.

    FOR RIDDLES, YOU NEED TO JOIN OUR SPECIAL USER CHANNEL. To keep things fair and make sure there is no arguing over who in fact answered correctly and first, we're using a separate user chat for this event. For those of you who know how these work, make sure you have one free (there is a max of four at a time), and /joinchannel pockets .

    For those of you confused about user chats, here's a walkthrough:

    In your chat bar, type /joinchannel pockets . (Without the period at the end, joinchannel is all one word, be sure you are spelling it properly. Feel free to copy and paste).

    If you are in your General chat tab, you should see "You joined room 'pockets' (UserChat4). Number of members: 1." in some variation.

    The "(UserChatX)" is going to tell you which chat slot this channel went into (it will be 1, 2, 3 or 4). To say something in this channel, what you'll do is type "/4" in the case of the example. For you it will be whatever UserChat # that pockets was put into. So, say the answer to the riddle is Bilbo. To answer in pockets, you would type "/4 Bilbo" (without quotation marks), and what you would see would be:
    [To pockets] 'Bilbo'

    I STRONGLY RECOMMEND COLOR-CODING YOUR CHAT CHANNELS. To do this, right-click the General chat tab, and hover your mouse down to click on the option to "Change text colours". An Options window will pop up where you can customize the opacity of your window, some chat options, and then there will be a list of every chat channel and a color wheel bar beside it. Scroll down. At the bottom will be "User Chat 1" through 4. Whichever chat pockets became, assign it a bright, noticeable color.

    This way, when you're in pockets, the word "User Chat #" will be in that color, and if the riddle and your answer are the same color, huzzah! You'll know you're in the right spot.

    IF YOU CAN'T SEE ANYTHING IN POCKETS WHEN YOU TRY TO TALK IN THERE, MAKE SURE THAT IT IS CHECKED TO DISPLAY. To do this, right-click on your general chat tab, hover down to "Change filters", and make sure there is a checkmark next to User Chat X.
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    It sounds like your event went really well. Chatted with Culgondrian for a bit when Cul came to visit us in Gollum's Cave last night! Wishing the best for Children of Arda in all future events. =)



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