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    Pre-RoR Vilya Party/Trivia Contest Sept. 22nd 4pm EST

    What:Vilya Party/Trivia Contest
    Where: Bree Town Square right out side the mayors office
    When: Sept. 22, 2012. Time: 4pm EST
    Who: Anyone and everyone is welcome to come

    Even though the Vilya Alliance's raiding capabilities are at the moment diminished, we can still throw a party! In the past we have had several successful anniversary parties and even the Balrog killing marathon before major expansions. We have not thrown a party for a little while and I thought it would be fun to put together something before RoR comes out.

    The main event will be a trivia contest with prizes like we have done in the past. In the past this was very well received with a large turn out and everyone had a lot of fun. We will have a lot of high end game prizes including worn symbols and cracked sigils. Yes we know they won't be as cool in a few weeks when RoR launches, but that is why someone might as well enjoy them now!

    No RSVP is necessary. Everyone is welcome to just show up! In addition to the trivia we also want to do a huge fireworks display (with audience participation of course), and even a game of tag to finish up at the old arena.

    If anyone is interested in assisting me in organizing this I am still looking for some help coming up with prizes and such (still looking for a band to provide music). Just let me know here or in game if you would like to offer any assistance.

    Lets have a party!

    Prizes will include things like:
    Crafting Materials
    Worn Symbols
    Cracked sigils
    Tier 5, 6, and 7 settings

    and the grand prize for the final question will be 3 draigoch scales!

    {Thanks to those that volunteered their time and did a draigoch raid with me donating the scales and settings to the prizes for this party. You guys are awesome!}
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    I was at your Balrog killing marathon and loved it. I will be there with party bells on!

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    Cool, the first player organised event since I've started playing. Been looking forward to one of these happening!

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    Looks like fun! I will try to make it.
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    Time is now updated: 4pm est.

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    Love it.
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    location updated

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    Thumbs up Thank Jeanna for the party invite..

    I just wanted to say my thanks for the wonderful party and trivia contest you had in breeland.. it was my pleasure to be there and It was fun watching you get everyone interacting. If youd like to see a few pictures that i took at the party, you are welcome to view them on our Captains of Middle Earth facebook page. a place where we keep in touch when friends cant be in game with us. https://www.facebook.com/groups/152445981504696/
    thanks again for having something everyone could attend.

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    Thanks for posting those pictures. You got some great photos!

    Glad you enjoyed the party



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