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    When to auction? Or is auctioning no longer popular?

    I've just visited the auction for the first time since returning to the game after a year and it seems like hardly anything is for sale and nobody is bidding. Has firefoot become less populous? Has auctioning become less popular under the new rules or something? Or does it just depend a lot on when you look? If timing is everything, does anybody have a feeling for when is primetime...and what's an optimal window to put something up there? Thanks for any advice!

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    maybe this is due to the new rules for skirmish rewards? now with enough marks you can get almost anything

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    Auctions are pretrty healthy on Riddermark, I was checking out some legendary stuff the other day and on a occasion I auction off resources for crafting with a lot of success. Of course seems some people get a little greedy but I try to be fair and always sell stuff.

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    Question Could depend on several things maybe?

    Firefoot started out as a North American server & has never been one of the most populous servers, but the Auction House (AH) activity can depend on a lot of factors:
    1. What time you are looking - weekend or weekday? evening prime time or midday or late night? by the end of prime time a lot of things may have been bought up & gone.
    2. What you are selling/looking for - end game stuff will sell well if you have a lot of L75's around - or low level items if you have a lot of new/free players around.
    3. Price - if people are selling things really cheap & putting a buyout on the items, then they may not last on the AH & won't be listed for very long (a couple minutes maybe) before someone buys them & they are gone. Also, if the price is too high, then nobody is going to bid on it.

    Not sure when Firefoot's best prime time is, but most likely it would be during the evening time zones for North America & weekends.

    But, if you check the AH consistently during various times & for various items & it is almost always empty, then that may be a sign that Firefoot's population is fading. Good luck! :-)
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    Actually, over a year ago Firefoot was THE most populated server. It has remained above average ever since.

    My guess is the OP might be looking at items that were valuable a year ago which are meaningless now? Less than a year ago Isengard was released, providing whole new valuable items. That being said, dozens of people keep posting the things I tend to, which used to be more of a niche.

    Mithril flakes either fly off the shelves at obscene prices, or get the price driven down like crazy when folks get a bunch from lotteries.

    Cracked Rhi Helvarch Sigils used to be more popular, but now that most have crafted the items they needed them for, not so much.

    Whenever I look for something and don't find it listed, I presume there's a market for that item and it sells quickly. I often have things sell in hours, and I don't price low generally.

    Certain things are very volatile price-wise, other things have competition enough to hold a steady market value, pretty typical of a thriving scene. ;-) In comparison though, prices do seem to be a bit lower than some of the smaller servers that have less supply.

    PS: Time-wise, it depends on the item, weekends tend to get flooded. So I don't tend to list much Sunday/Monday as prices are depressed. Weekenders also look for totally different items than those who play daily. I tend to sell more during the week, and tend not to list after Friday. But if your product is something weekenders want, then you'd want to list Friday obviously. :-)

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    I guess my biggest question to the OP would be: What are you looking for? I have between 30 and 45 auctions listed at all times, and they usually sell before the 2 days runs out. Mostly max-level stuff, but a fair bit of low-level stuff that my alts gather too. There are some things that aren't regularly posted; but with the new expansion right around the corner some crafters have already sold their old stock and are just waiting it out until they can start over again with tier 8 stuff.

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    Thanks all. You've given me lots of food for thought. One thing I wonder is if there's a way to see how many people are on the server, either at a given moment or on average. I won't rule out it's about timing and the sort of items I perused though. I hadn't thought about such things as where we are in the history of LOTRO updates and how that changes the predominating character levels. I didn't search items very far and wide--or far above my character is level, which is 58. I looked at crafting ingredients and critical enhancement items, sublegendary and legendary weapons of a couple types, and for warden and scholar specific items in general. So it was just a fairly narrow impression I posted about--and mostly I formed it on a weekday at lunch and after dinner PDT. If it were true that the AH were thining or becoming obsolete, it would be a drag. What I especially rely on the auction for is selling the weapons I craft and for collecting a premium on loot, so that I can afford to buy metal ingredients. Advancing as weaponsmith would have bankrupted me or been impossible for me (with respect to in-game money) without the AH. (I guess I wouldn't be so dependent if I fellowed much, but in game, I pretty much only know and only interact with my wife, whose character doesn't have metalsmith as a profession either.) Also before I took a hiatus, I filled my vault with vast stacks of stuff I meant to sell--at a premium--and it'd disappoint me if all that was a waste of time and space.

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    As someone who uses the AH a lot, I can say that the likely reason for the lack of activity as of late is because of people, quite simply being greedy ****s. People are asking for way too much for stuff now. A guy the other day had 5 Elven Relics up for 60g. They may be 700 rep, but 5 of them isn't worth that much.



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