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    Smile Guardian lvl 69 looking for raiding helpfull friendly kin :D

    Hello there, i'm playing in arkenstone, and my first toon is lvl 69, a guardian very good i think, so i'm looking for a raiding kin,friendly,helpfull, so i want to know wich one can i join?? o wich kin do you recommend me??

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    look at the kaos deathrun post those are the people to ask
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    It really depends on what you want to be doing. There are a couple hardcore raiding kins (namely Noldor) that you can look into, as well as a few others (The Meaning of Haste, Leaf Walkers, and a couple others) that aren't necessarily on the
    "hardcore" end of the scale (so far as I know/see - I base this information off personal knowledge of the raiding status and seeing/hearing about the frequency that some of these kins raid, so don't quote me).

    But anyway, as Deliguy has pointed out, the KAOS group does raid fairly regularly. It is a "static" PUG type of group, and we definitely appreciate people who can dedicate the time to stick with us for the content. We run Draigoch (1-2 runs) on Thursdays when the locks reset and Tower of Orthanc Friday-Saturday or Sunday (depending). We've also started doing some alt/training Orthanc runs on Monday and Tuesday. Every now and then, we also do some classic content (for example just the other night we ran a Rift, we've also been working through Ost Dunhoth deeds the last few weekends). Our raiding times are generally around 6-6:30pm Pacific time (as we've found this seems to be the best time frame for the majority of our raiders to work with), but occasionally we'll do some spur of the moment runs if enough people are around.

    Also since this is a PUG styled group, you are welcome to joining KAOS, but it is not a requirement in order to run with the group (we have regular raiders from various kinships).

    Anyway, if any of this perks your interest, feel free to drop a line in game to myself (Bluet/Aktaie/Dirhallith), Ange (Caylia/Fellyn/Taunna), or Chuck (Chuckorn/Voalkrynn/Ghaelen) and we can answer any questions or help you along the way to joining us to raid.

    Oh, and while it's not 100% completed, we do have information posted up here: http://kaospuglotro.wordpress.com/ about running with us and things we feel people need to be aware of and work on
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    Unlike some folks *cough* we run things in a helpful way. We do have some requirements but will help you get there and get raid-ready. We realize that not everyone is immediately ready to jump into the tower, but we have people who can help with every class, to get you ready asap. We also have a number of members in various amazing kins to help you along the way and provide some laughs to boot, if you do want to join a kin, but if you are in one and happy there, you can still join our static raiding group.

    Please feel free to contact me in-game, or any of the others Blue mentioned.
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