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Thread: So how is it?

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    So how is it?

    Hey all. Most of you probably don't remember me. I was here in Crickhollow when the server launched I started and led Tolo Nan Naur, the first Elven RP kinship here. Due to real life issues I had to leave the game for a while but am looking to get back in. Was just wondering how the RP community is? Are there any heavy RP kins left? Is it all just tavern RP or is it dynamic? Does Elevensies still happen daily?



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    Elevenses is indeed alive and well on Crickhollow! Here are some highlights from our recent second anniversary celebration: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4cgk2v4MwSc

    Players also meet for Bread and Jam Sessions at the Prancing Pony every Friday at 8PM server time for an evening of music, dance, and RP. Second Breakfast, which has been around as long as the server itself, is still going strong and features a large number of RPers.

    This Saturday, September 22nd, Breakfast Club will be performing at the Party Tree at 1PM server time to help celebrate Bilbo and Frodo's birthdays, with a fireworks show to follow.

    There have been numerous server-wide player-sponsored events during the past year, with many more to come. Come on back and rediscover what a warm and welcoming place Crickhollow continues to be. I hope to see you in Arda
    Willowing, Leader of Second Breakfast of Crickhollow
    2 Twinfall Path, Tund Faroth, Falathlorn
    2 Cypress Road, Tol Faen, Belfalas
    Do drop in! The doors are always open!

    Breakfast: the best meals of the day!

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    It's you!

    I'm Lossenelenwen... We don't have a LOT of members left from Tolo Nan Naur, but I lead Daro a Maetho, an all-elven heavy-RP kinship that still does have a few remnants.

    I'd love to talk to you in-game. Send me a /tell!



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