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    Back to recruiting season! New players and experienced all welcome in The Knights of Dol Amroth. Our new leader Macromond keeps the kin up to date and going for all the members here. Recently, we are starting back up kin runs again for all levels from 20 GB to 85 Erebor raids and instances. We love having new players and hope to have more this summer getting them ready for soon, 95! Won't be long until then when they release west Rohan. Anyways, our kin page for those super new new players who are beginning and want to pick a character out and don't know which they want, can go check out that page and help them to pick their first character. Also, my character site has a guide from 1-40 from grinding through those areas. For those Kinlets we help them along the way and give them help for those hard quests I needed help on. I came from a kin where there were none online but after a friend invited me here i get tons of help and i don't need it anymore after I've leveled and geared from runs and dailies. Thanks for reading and hope to see ya in-game!

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    Welcome to our new members Knight Zardom, Knight throrr and Knight Navomer. Welcome to The knights of Dol Amroth

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    We have a few more players in the kin. Welcome to Knights Quintran and Ganycus.

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    Another welcome to knight Breezeborn!

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    Hey is this kin still recruiting? I'm a new player, now level 21

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    Quote Originally Posted by ValNature View Post
    Hey is this kin still recruiting? I'm a new player, now level 21
    Yes we still are! We'd love to have you and if you read in the top few posts there are officers and their alts you can contact that are online to join or simply join our channel /joinchannel koda. and then type /1 (don't hit enter, hit spacebar) and you can ask to join the alliance that way. By the way, mention my name and you get in like that lol. They will help you out until i log in on the weekend. see ya till then!
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    Just joined thanks !

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    Quote Originally Posted by ValNature View Post
    Just joined thanks !
    haha no prob! Hope you have a great time with us

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    Summer is here and players flowing back or coming to try lotro out. Welcome to those players and hope to see em soon. also a welcome to a couple members, Knight Taverlas, Knight Langaris, and Knight Battleward

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    It's June and wonderful time in lotro for new players coming tI play the game for summer break. Good luck and have fun to those players! Anyways I welcome Knight ClogMarsh to the kin.

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    Welcome! And some amazing things today accomplished

    Want to give a warm welcome to Knight Wuzzupp! another cappy and perhaps more for the kin.

    News today: ran Valnature's first Treasury and Turtle!!! Also ran BG with some kinnies and a lil help from my friends list.
    We actually got halfway into it in an hour and a half :P

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    The kins numbers in levels have been increasing in lower leveled players. This will get same leveled players to socialize and group with others their level and learn the values of grouping. Grouping is slowly fading but it still makes me happy to see this happen. We are still recruiting all classes and kinds into our kin and if your interested you can contact us in this thread or in game from one of our officers in the main post above. Also it would be great if we got a few more captains and burglars into the kin.

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    New members!

    I'd like to welcome Knight Ostyn, Knight Dadegard, Knight Jaz (can't remember alts names :P), and Lady Dredani.
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    Long list of welcome

    Welcome to Knights and Ladies: Derul, Geddi, Dwynithir, Cargath, Amarrgallente, Birdmannx, Searborn, Argentam, Rillod, Labenuil, Camhawk, throinger, and aaronsi. (top of my head) think I missed some but I will add them later I log online. welcome to them all and hope ya all have a great week.

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    Quote Originally Posted by legolasluver View Post
    Welcome to Knights and Ladies: Derul, Geddi, Dwynithir, Cargath, Amarrgallente, Birdmannx, Searborn, Argentam, Rillod, Labenuil, Camhawk, throinger, and aaronsi. (top of my head) think I missed some but I will add them later I log online. welcome to them all and hope ya all have a great week.
    See that bolded name? That is me!!!

    Thanks for the welcome!!!

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    Hehehe it takes me awhile to update the list and now I can't see how may members are in the Kin anymore after its been broken. I will need to add another welcome list maybe tomorrow afternoon after looking at who logs in and writing their names down. Love the members and new ones they help keep the Kin young and fun lol. But your welcome for the invite geddi!

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    welcome to Knight lyganesh... (fixed his name ) and knight Lostsoul. have to remember or look up rest of players that just joined as well.
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    Im just simply trying to find a home, im new to the game completely but not new to MMOs. I put a post up in that Hammerfist thread, but I am sort of just trying to figure out a guild that is suited for what im looking for.

    My main concern is simply being involved with a guild that is strong in the game. How is this guild in terms of size and its community? Are things still growing?

    Would love to hear more about how things are currently with the guild, hope to hear from ya, thanks.

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    Sorry for taking so long lol. I had a lot of members to help out and all that and get them introduced. The kin is still actively growing and we have many new players of about almost all lvl groups from levels 20 - 85. Many lower members as there is 85's online to help you out if you need mats, advice, skirmishes/instances/raids, questing, or anything else I didn't mention. Actually today a member decided to throw a party at the kin house today and we ran some 85 raids. Many friendly players and at least one will ask you to group with them and it is very encouraged but if you like soloing then we also approve of it too. We want members to feel comfortable in the kin and returning players. As I mentioned in beginning posts this is a casual kin not all raiding where you HAVE to group everyday and yadayadayada. We're laid back and when we feel like or got th numbers we run some instances if the lower members need it or 85s just want some seals. btw welcome back to the game and hope you are enjoying brandywine.

    If you survived all the text above I am surprised. :P you can also contact me in game on either Builas or Thelluin

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    Also we have a new fun thing for the kin to participate in. We do give away things we don't need but these are really special items that are used in lotteries for all levels. Currently, its doing a nice job and many love it so far. I just sent the letter for this week and if you do join I'll send ya the letter and you can participate as well.

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    Sounds great, I will definitely contact you in game soon here

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    ah ok and if im not online, contact Gilladin/Brackenburg/Barfist he is usually online, but i will be going online later today probably around 1 pm.

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    Thanks for the WONDERFUL kin birthday present for me yesterday! Love ya guys. Even if mac and vil duoed BFE xD after we all died. Can't wait until next year.

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    Looooong List... And Mid July

    I haven't updated the kin recruit page in awhile and it's because I've been busy helping kinnies and trying to get my first ever first age! (yea I know I'm a big loser, unlike tarp :P) As I've seen many players get to cap and many members running instances and grouping for content, it makes me happy that they got someone to help them out unlike I did through Lotro. Lol it took me a half a year to get to level 36 and I was F2P. Back in 75 cap I remember seeing two Linnie's leveling together at a slow pace and taking in lotro and making it to 75. It was nice to see that there are still good layers that don't rush to cap when they first start a new game. Enough of me, I will post the new members up and there are many... I mean MANY like tons:

    A BIG Welcome!! to Knights and Ladies:
    Jayy, Civire, Lanxi, Sanfro, Amfir, Thargalrir, Talkyr, MouseTamer, Seqt, Lexori, Xnazrom, Shayven, Shubie, Juliayka, Elthindril, Nandirion, Ganondorn, Phatbutt (snickers), Cenile, Tufrik, Stratofactor, Falcoradas, Cithro, Demily, Kettleman, Ledhifang, Slaveprincess, Octaive, Shalauna, Ebonbeast, Fluux, Bandyt, Seom, Dariethe, Dinara, Zapini, Ararthbor, Salorgar, Robthemeek, Sylvermayne, Nervoborn, Tornarth, Karnax, Syrusho, Maerenthir, Snortsnort, Ealythryth, Taikuando, Emerezi, Rhoswynne, Junioriorn, Valkeri, Erodik, Ninimel, Argolwar, Nasfingis, Kariny, Nikral, Hammywammy, Tamifan, Styxnstones, Ohalgil, Maleeha, Hunnin, Rodenvier, Prozun, Gargarans, Scidro, Grimseig, Bunnymasher, Erburon, Takahiro, Gannwulf, Turado, Aebul, Gilmondir, Adeah, Gilmondir, Chaoso, Meloranth.

    Lots of new members and great welcome to them if I haven't already said so. Also there are some I missed I know, I will add later if I can find you. Also welcome back to Trevarcher to the Kin!!!
    Now all we need is Tarpy and Syn to come back to the kin and I will be happy. <3
    (actually that was my birthday wish, but I didnt get it )
    Mid july... Alot of running around for relics for HD to come out and summer players grinding before leaving until next summer. Also it means I'm gonna be online less, only 2 days a week which is the weekend :P. Might wanna ask for an invite in KoDA channel when August comes around, or PST Gilladin or Macrodir. Either will get ya in or refer to first post here with all pretty active officers from the kin. Most of em are around awhile. Have a good night lotro.
    ~ Bui Bui

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    Well this is a whole lot different. Not so much color anymore :/. This will take getting used to for awhile hehe.
    Anyways it's August, summer players are leaving until next year and well, expansion season is on its way. Also the kin anniversary is coming along as well! This will be The Knights of Dol Amroths fourth year in lotro on January 6th!! can't wait for the party.

    Also I would like to welcome a few members from memory:
    Welcome to Knights and Ladies: Balathon, Baraxion, Gildruial, Hathold, and Meddler. Believe I missed a few but I will check back today in case.
    ~ Bui Bui


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