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    The Knights of Dol Amroth Now Recruiting!

    The Knights of Dol Amroth (KoDA) is an alliance of all men, elves, dwarves, and hobbits where we help each and every Kin member wether it is for a raid, to helping craft weapons, and gear. We also have an allied kin called FAST we keep in touch with and raid with. It was also our main kin we originated from. The leader of FAST is Ilaadrien if you want to know. In our kin we have many officers online for helping out with quests for the lower players and helping them get to know their class from LoreMasters to Hunters. When enough players are online and a few from FAST, we go for raids like Turtle, VM, ToO t1 or t2, 75 instances, 85 instances, BFE, FLM, Smaug, and Rift. Also, we do isen instances and a lot of Moria and Carn Dum(CD) to get your legendary traits quest items when you hit 45. There are currently 416 members in our kinship and we get busy on fridays and saturdays later in the day where we just have to run a raid or skirmish raid (skraid). There are only 2 rules in KoDA you will need to know and they are to have fun and keep the kin chat clean this means no cussing or any rude comments. We only allow cussing in small forms until you get into a fellowship but that's it. Remember to join to koda channel where all of our other allied kins talk through their alts to stay updated and in touch. This is a helpful way to still talk to kin members even if they are in one of our other kins because we can still talk and tell others if something is going on then they can hop onto their main character or any character in the Main Kin. In total we have about 10 kins and getting another kin shortly for more storage for Scholars. So far, we have a Cooking Kin, Jewellery Kin, Weaponsmith Kin, Metalsmith Kin, Legendary Items Kin, Tailor Kin, Woodworking Kin, and a Scholar Kin. Also the main Kin house too. If you want to check out the craft kins for your craft and need items, ask one of the officers, they will take you to the kin for you. And if you want one of your alts in one of the kins we can get some one to transfer you over if your craft is high enough. We have these kins because we want you to help kinnies when a lower level player comes along and they say they keep dying so we craft them up some better gear and jewelry and if that doesn't help, we come to where they are at and help them with the quest they need. We will try and give you the grand tour of all the kinhouses once you are invited and show you which one you need to go to if you need supplies for your Main craft. The officers that are mostly online are: Arvegos/Lethathin/Nerimidis, Gilladin/Itookthetaco/Rosehipz/Barfist, Builas/Buili/Thelluin/Listhiel, Conagh/Augar, Galbatorix, Tersyi/Tirsyi, Macrodir/Macromond(leader), Athadion/Alrya and some others I can't think of at the moment. They are on all the time so when you get online, try and PST one of them and if they aren't on one of their alts go to the next name and see who can invite you in. Also, we deed too and get those virtues you need which are very helpful and get you about 15 turbine points (TP). We hope to see you in game! ~ Builas
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    Re: The Knights of Dol Amroth recruiting now

    I also forgot to mention Our raiding channel, /knightnday there are mostly moors, turtle and ToO runs start or are announced in this channel. P.S. we like talking about hobbits and pie

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    Also, if you do like. PvP you should talk to Tarpelion or Lethathin. They are usually the ones starting or announcing there's a moors raid going on and they will take you aboard with them.
    Plus, when you join we will need you to update you player notes. This will help us know if you have other alts then we will know which alts you are.
    We also need to know what your craft tier is and what you make. This helps us know what you can make for a kinny if he/she wants better gear but this means you can't abuse the power of crafting.
    We will teach you when to craft them gear and when not. Like if someone at lvl 20 wants better gear don't craft them it. They will out level it very quickly anyways. Or if they're around the corner for an armour set. Those are better than crafted ones and no mats needed.
    Well if ya wanna join KoDA, I,will see you next week! If yu don't want to please tell me if there is any problem you don't like with our kin and we can fix it. Thank you for considering us!
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    actually ill,be online later today so if you want an invite from me ill be on probably around 3 pm Pacific time I will be on either Builas or Listhiel.

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    More Kinmates

    Wow we got over 20+ players to join our kin in the past week. We now have 444 players! We have a really good range of levels now and hope to extend our kinship to 500 very soon. Hope to see you in game. Mára mesta melde!
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    Woo the Knights of Dol Anroth welcomes our newest Knights, Sir Zackpop, Lady Kourtney soon, and sir earusin. Haha welcome to the kin and we will be having our kins 2nd anniversary soon woo can't wait!



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