Hey what's up forums, just wanted to share a bit about me and its up to you to decide if I should be in your kinship.

About Me:

I am an active player of LotRO, currently in the middle of my Junior year of High school and playing when I have the free time. I just happen to be in the Mountain Time zone so, looking for something in the US (Out U.S is perfectly fine, just may limit me to weekends for raids). I love trying new things, meeting new people and doing the best I can at being a Hunter. I am also working on a Warden who is currently unimportant :P. I have been playing MMO's since I was 8 and I have been with this game since the beginning. I was young when I first signed up, and have learned a lot these past 5 years. If cursing is a problem, stay chill :P

My characters and my career on LotRO:

My very first character ever was a Hobbit Hunter named Halindine. I had joined Affliction with Buckweet and Godsbane as a founding member, back in the days of Bushmasters. I eventually moved on and life took over, but I stayed active as a Creep Warg known as Shadowhowler who is currently a r6 Warg. I took a break recently and I have been gone for most of RoI so, I am still stuck with my 62 hunter, who I renamed to Turtleforce pre-RoI. I have many characters such as a 45 Minnie on Vilya and 35 RK on Vilya, who I plan on transferring here when I get the money and working on them.

What I am looking for:

A kin that is willing to take me in and act as if I am part of the family, and overall just a good friend. I love to raid and plan on being dedicated to hit 85 as soon as possible to start the end game raiding. I like tight-knit kins, I have never been a fan of giant kins, such as Affliction was and some of the new kins are. Whether its PvE, or PvP I'll be there.

Contact info:

On my profile you should be able to take a look at my Skype and if you want to chat with me in-game just send me a slice of mail to Turtleforce.

Thank you for reading and I hope to see you all in-game.