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    Glavrol Nîn Celon is recruiting

    Yet another fairly small kinship that wouldn't mind a few members. We've been around long enough to have a kinship house (in Bree-land, Heathdore) and a kinship website, but we only have a few dozen players, and no one's level-capped (we have a few in the 60s but most people are in the 20-40 range), yet.

    What we do have is a friendly tone where everyone's happy to help each other out. We use the kinship house to swap crafting materials and the supplies we make for one another, the higher level folks are always eager to go help the lower on tricky quests, we've got people happy to help others get places, and we're just starting to dip our toes into doing team activities like fellowship quests, instances, and skirmishes together (though we're somewhat limited in that none of us are really experts at the tactics and techniques yet).

    We've been small because we're not one of those kinships that wants to have a million members, and that's why you won't ever hear us spamming the Trade channel. However, we're starting to feel like having a few more members would be a good thing. We could use more people around to get that "critical mass" that helps us get groups together for instances and stuff. More people also means more wisdom about different aspects of the game so we can all learn from one another.

    Our rules are simple. 1) Don't be a jerk. If you aren't sure what that means... you know what it means, don't be silly. 2) If you know something about another member's real life identity, you don't reveal it without their permission. And that's it. Membership just requires being vouched for by another member; then you're set to recruit status for a few weeks until we're sure you're following the rules (particularly rule #1).

    In case you're wondering, Glavrol Nîn Celon is a Sindarin phrase meaning "trickling brook", but we're not an Elven kinship. In fact, while we have a pretty even mix of races, the hobbits have recently started to outnumber everyone else. (We worry they're planning something...)

    If you're interested, feel free to ask questions of the kinship's officers (Wyloriel, Mirkir, Wyloreth, or Sageblossom), or any other members you see around. Or poke around the kinship website. Or PM me. We're plenty easy-going.

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    We're trying to do "Fellowship Wednesdays" where folks in the kinship show up and we help each other out at a pre-arranged time. We've had mixed success.

    We're friendly, helpful folk and would really like to add to our ranks so we can do the fun fellowship quests and raids and things. Hard to do without a larger pool of folks.



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