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    May 2012

    Would like someone to level with!

    Hey, everybody.

    So I just started a new toon on Elendilmir since my hunter is currently lvl 66 and I was starting to miss the beginning areas. She's currently a level 10 Hobbit Minstrel named Bayleaf, and I chose to do the starting quests in Ered Luin rather than the Shire because I simply hate how spread out everything is there.

    And I'm pretty sure that most people can agree, leveling is a lot more fun (and faster) if you're doing it with a friend. So if anyone has a toon around lvl 10, or are willing to start a new one with me, please let me know! I am in the Central Standard time zone, and I'm online a lot. A little bit of difference in our time zones won't matter much.

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    Los Angeles
    Yeah, I would love someone to level with because the unrelenting grind is not something I want to attempt on my own. I played LOTRO when it was first launched, lasted about a year, and then left for other things - I'm just getting back into the game as I need something to keep me entertained on the slow nights.

    I've got a level 10 Hobbit Burglar. I play in Pacific Standard Time but I'm on most weekdays in the afternoon to mid-evening as I have early classes.

    Shoot me a mail or something in-game; the toon's name is Rayya.

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    I would love someone to level with too!! although I play at night (from 11pm onwards) on Tuesdays and Thursday, eastern Australian time.. so chances of finding a mate who plays as infrequently and is around the same level are slim..

    I am currently lvl 19 and am working through Bree-lands ticking off all the virtue deeds as I go.. just about finished in the Old Forest and then will be moving onwards to Bree Town.. If anyone is in that area and wants to group up then let me know! =)

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    Feb 2012
    bumping this thread up! I'm also looking for fellow lowbies to level with, I have an RK (Mirfaer) - lvl 20, LM (Kotohiki) - lvl 36 and a hunter (Kyno) - lvl 40
    usually plays around 4pm GMT onwards, hope to meet you in-game

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    I have a burg, lvl 47 Trixies if anyone wants to level.

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    Sep 2012
    Level 17 hobbit hunter. Woild love someone to instance and to level with. Currently in the area around Bree send me message by name is Tyard

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    Seattle, WA
    Heyy Zentoki i'm currently a Level 18 guardian and i want to level up with people too! ahah anyways what's you IGN, mines Zerksius add me in game and we'll talk and what not



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