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    The Carbon Blade - ToO t1/ t2 and Saruman Guide for Public Use

    Hey, all.

    We at TCB have been planning to release some form of public guides for awhile now, and with the delay of the Riders of Rohan expansion, I personally felt this still had purpose. I know our kin plans to run ToO content even at level 85, so we do not feel like the raid is about to become obsolete just yet.

    I have included two links below to a public section of our forums that does not require user registration. I may modify or add onto these over time, should there happen to be any request or clarification desired.

    Guide for all 4 wings of ToO in tier 1, with some special notes for tier 2:


    Guide for Saruman tier 1, which includes pictures, PDF and video (currently not working):


    Happy hunting, and take care all!


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    Very nice posts! Well organized, simple, a great primer for those looking to tackle the current top tier runs. Well done Vaanbara, and the rest of the Carbon Blade team.

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    We have slightly updated the guide as well just a few tweaks and stuff.
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    Nice post there. We could always use more information in regards to the tier 2 pulls, but this would definitely help anybody trying to do old content in two weeks!

    Some stuff to add: (mostly boss)

    Kalbak: steam factor
    Over time if you have high graphics settings you'll notice steam coming up over vents (you'll see the debuff no matter what). Your one-tank method basically leaves the steam up to chance (single elludan explosion on t10 steam wipes 8 squishies).

    Fire/frost: rage factor
    Six ways that rage can increase: corruption, killing grims, death, not bursting bubble, and time. Unfortunately I think turbine messed up on this mechanics fight for challenge mode and basically it can only be done with insane dps

    Acid: boss dps
    There are videos of the fight being done in like 2 minutes. Essentially if your dps is that high you can do it like that. Otherwise this fight is just pot and spank

    Shadow: spawns and silence
    Trash was really annoying. You're gonna need a dps assist who is well aware of the situation; whether to attack shak-hai or uruk-hai, whether to attack left or right spawns, things of that nature.

    Boss is even worse. Your kiting tank needs to know EXACTLY which mobs spawn where, how many mobs are spawning at left, right, and back, as well as how many mobs are on him. Having a champ taunt every 50 seconds and taking the healing debuff from the boss helps, as your kiting tank will be taking a lot of damage once he starts aggroing 5+ ravagers.

    Saruman: no idea on T2. Just don't die lol. Oh, all the mechanics of a previous phase are carried over to the next one. Something about a 30 minute timer as well.

    Hope it helps.
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