Do to real life issues, I felt I could no longer lead the kin. I passed the lead back to Dobraine. I will still be an active officer. We are always welcoming new members into are growing kin. Doesn't matter what class/race/lvl you are in.


Guardian of the Free Peoples a rank 10 kin.We are a casual kin. We like to quest, craft, and hang out, many like do do end game groups on weekends and evenings. We are not a huge raiding kin for we don't have the numbers on all the time.

Kin Leader: Dobraine aka Fortuna, Dobralia, Dobrion
Successor: Azarathewise
Officers: Fredington, Bobajang, Fargand (Toldmore), Lefin, Myreya (Refdof, Bervil, Salya), Lokrelas, Gromph
Kin house: Yes. Chest access: Those who are kinmen/woman are allowed to use the chest
Ages: We don't ask for ones age. As long as you respectful and don't beg for crafting materials, and always looking for groups.
Rules: Rules of the kin is posted under Oath of the Free Peoples on are webpage.
Players: We have new and experianced players. Free to Plays and VIPs. Anyone is welcomed.
Recruits: Recruits have a 2 week waiting period before becoming a kinsmen/woman, unless an officer feels recruits should be promoted sooner. If you have another toon in the kin that is already a kinsmen/woman, then you will be automatically promoted. Must tell the officer who your toon is.
Ettenmoors: A few play in the moors as either creep/freep or both. Not a large moor kin.
Most Active: For the most part we are active during evening hours. (I am going by Eastern Time Zone) Which is 5pm and later.

For more information seek an officer listed above or visit us at