There seem to be quite a few changes to LUA code in RoR.

Specifially the following are likely to be important for coders;
  • When Mounted all the buffs on the player, stances too, are cleared.
  • player:GetMount() returns either a Mount or CombatMount object that can be polled for information.
  • ActiveSkill
  • SkillList
  • Skill
  • SkillInfo
  • SkillType
  • UntrainedSkill
  • GambitSkill (Just logged out, so not sure of syntax there, sorry!)
The skill items I haven't played with but include descriptions and cooldowns. I think this could open the door to timers on quickslot bars - something I have wanted to do for a while. HOWEVER, I go back to work tomorrow and have no time to work on it. Dammit!

If anyone else has played with the LUA in Beta and has some interesting info, indeed ANY info, I would love to hear it!