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Well, you can get expert by lvl30. And there is an auto-port to Rivendell while doing some quest before lvl30 iirc, which is when milestone should be set to Rivendell.

As an elf that is not a hunter or warden, its useful if you do not want to waste a milestone slot on Rivendell. Besides, its not like you will port to Rivendell much once MM, Trollshaws and Epic quests are completed. Unless you're a scholar of course.
I tend to leave my milestone set to where ever I am leveling. In the 30's that's usually Evendim. I know you can get to Bree pretty easy from most places in Evendim but sometimes just using the port to Rivendell was easier. Even today if my milestones are on cool down I'll still use the Rivendell port.

As far as scholars go I know the guild has a presence in Galtrev, Aldburg and Snowbourn but I have always loved Imladris. So whenever I need to do something with the guild I prefer to go there instead of the other places.

I agree though that unless you are a scholar, or into RP, the port to Rivendell doesn't do much for you these days. With the exception of Bree, and maybe the hobbits Shire port, I could say the same for the other racial port skills. When the game was new and young they came in very handy. Now, especially since you can get into instances from anywhere, they have less use. I would love to see another racial port for each though. Elves could get one to Lorien. Dwarves to Moria. Men to Galtrev or some place in Rohan. Not sure what you'd do for hobbits though.