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    Class deed skill buffbar/plugin?

    Hi Folks,
    After having spent some not inconsiderable time searching the internet, and indeed, these very forums, I have yet to find an answer to my query; is there a plugin that will trigger certain skills as soon as they cool down so I may complete my class deeds in a timely manner? For example, at Lvl 53 my captain has only performed the "Make Haste" skill 132 times out of the 500 needed to complete the deed. (others are in a worse state of completion!)

    If you can help with any ideas it will be much apprecciated....

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    someone else can answer about the plugin...I for example have learned some class deeds can be completed on training dummies others just require you to complete them on players--in my experience these can usually be done by just selecting a player and clicking the skill. I do remember unless they have changed it most if not all can be preformed multiple times a day.

    here's a link to Lotro wiki's page about the deeds. http://lotro-wiki.com/index.php/Deeds

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    Plugins can not automatically trigger a skill so as to prevent afk botting.

    The best you can do is a plugin that pops up a quickslot button with the desired skill in the quickslot to remind you to use the skill (the user still has to actually click the quickslot). There are a number of plugins that can perform this, but the simplest for this particular need would probably be Thurallor's Reminders plugin:

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    Do not know a plugin.
    Some long CD Skills you can put in a Line and press them if they are usable.
    Make Haste is one for them.

    Others you have to perform with events.
    The Cries only count if you have a defeat event and an Target that is not grey.

    If you can travel in the Moors, then you will have Trainingsdummies on Level.
    Call for the Herald or Archer is easy, set Bladebrother on them, and cast Muster Courage. Then release him/her.

    You can set Eventskills with Buffbars. I have Muster Courage in addition if i can use a pot - then i get both highlighted.
    think you can setup a Skill with the option use it if free (not on CD).



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