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    Post A moment with our only Rank 15

    I was fortunate enough to spend a few minutes with our recently minted rank 15, Farmpaws. Here are just some of the topics we discussed. I left out his economic and political views on the shifting ideas behind global warming and arctic oil drilling to stay on topic.

    How does it feel to be firefoots first rank 15 of either faction?

    It feels great. If you put in the work you get the results. I put it alot of work and it paid off. Im glad its over with now and looking forward to killing freeps for 0 points now and not worrying to much about dieing.

    What made you decide to put in the work for this prestigious rank?

    Well connomir thats a good question. It was mostly for all the kids out there who wanted to see what a rank15 looks like. I had alot of tells of encouragment and they gave me the boost i needed to continue this quest.

    Go back in time to your first moors experience on farmpaws? Do you remember your first kill?

    Well even though im rank15 farmpaws was only born on feb 2011. First kill was probably turkturk the mighty champ. He put up a tough fight. First kill in action was me and another certain warg interruptting a "spar" session of frazier the burg an killing him.

    What message do you have for the kids out there who may want to try and rank to 15?

    You can achieve if you only believe. However please stop with the tells asking if i can do it for you. I can give encouragment but i cant do it for you. Keep up the good spirit and you can do it.

    Any advice for your recent competition, Mythic, Gunpowder, or Balbaroy the Pretender?

    Mythic i can see doing it. He groups alot and spends enough time out there. Balbaroy is a tough player with his easymoder champ but hes still to grumpy and rages to much to understand how to achieve the rank15

    Do you feel that the recent ease at which one can transfer servers now makes all rank suspect?

    Well a whole tribe farmed back in SOA days an transferred so i think if ppl farm now or then it doesnt change much. Just saves them some cash and theres nothing wrong with that.

    What is your response to your detractors, and the many trolls who have given you a hard time over the past few years?

    Excellent question. I can see how easy it was that u got your masters in journalism. It was all worth it. That burg and that hunter that rage quits kins and trys to steal people from the kin he left, just gives me the inspiration to finish the job and truimph over them. Love will always win over hate.

    Special thanks for all the support and i love 95% of you guys an gals and its been a blast out there. Cant wait to keep going in Rohan!!!
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