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    Does anyone go to Skumfil anymore??

    I've been asking in LFF for awhile now and get no responses on people wanting to go to Skumfil. There are some deeds in there I want to get done and can't do by myself. I'm a 65 Guard and I want that point of Innocence and Loyalty really badly! Especially if they are raising the virtue cap to 16! Come one, you can't tell me no one else wants to get these deeds done. Post here if you want to form a group to go to Skumfil for this or any other reason. Would like to spend some time on it this weekend. Thanks.

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    if I can catch you on I will take my 60 RK in there

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    wait, LFF? do you mean GLOBAL lff? actually dunno, not many do it even in glff, but i did want to check
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    Quote Originally Posted by myforumacc2 View Post
    wait, LFF? do you mean GLOBAL lff? actually dunno, not many do it even in glff, but i did want to check
    This, look in glff. If I'm ever on when you're looking I'll try and bring my champ along.
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    Our kin "Heroes of the Fourth Age" does a run from time to time, we generally need a 6th to fill in anyway. We tend to do runs late in the evening around 11pm eastern time until 3 or 4 in the morning. If you want to friend me, feel free to message me if you see me on and hopefully we can set something up!

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    All you have to do, is to ask glff every, lets say, half an hour, and be patient. There are days, when it is difficult to find people for instances, there are days when you find one group and do all deeds with them in one instance (like I almost done Skumfil, 4-5 raids in a row).
    At time to time I'm trying to find people for Moria instances, have few deeds and quests there.
    So I wish you luck, and maybe we will meet in one of this raids.

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    It's not run as frequently as when we were all 65, but there are still some people who look for runs for deeds. Messene's appeared in glff a few times trying to find a group, so maybe you could try contacting him in-game



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