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    Question Where do I find ElementID?

    OK, I more or less understand Mapping Art Asset, and I know where to find the skinning packs containing all the art .tga files.

    But what about ElementID? Where do I find that?

    I would like to resize the Social/Kinship panel, but I don't know what the ElementID for the social panel is.

    Is there a source?

    Or am I completely off base?


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    In your basement.

    In the skin pack there are two text files,one is called "skindefinition" which gives you the ID for skin art and the other is called "SkinDictionary" which is what you want to modify move buttons around or expand panels maully editing the value's.

    Make sure you get the latest skin pack from Narrel for the current ID's.

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    Know that not all panels can be edited even if you know the elementID's. I'd suspect social/kin panel being one of them as that panel is already resizeble by dragging it from a corner to make it bigger.
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    Many many thanks!

    ::bowing low::

    Advice from the masters will help this poor fiddler.



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