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    Tactical Mastery Banner?

    Banner-o-Hope is nice and all but everybody has loads of morale now.
    Banner-o-War is fun for PvE, but only gives a wee bit to the whole group, given today's average stats
    Banner-o-Victory... laaaaaame

    I just want one that will, like the War banner, give a direct boost to tactical mastery. and maybe a small % bump to outgoing healing or something, like the crit War banners.

    Thoughts? Concerns? Counter arguments? Jokes?
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    I think your right, however do we really need a new banner for that? How about fixing the ones we currently have?

    For example the banner of war is obviously meant as an offensive banner, so how about instead of giving might and agility have it add finesse and physical or tactical mastery. With all those changes to how stats work on the different classes its much easier to use the "end stats"(i.e. might becomes physical mastery etc) instead of messing with primary stats themselves(because those work differently on every class).

    I also agree on the banner of hope, its meant to be a defensive banner but just adding morale is boring and underwhelming. Same treatment as above, only this time we go for resistance and melee/ranged/tactical defense(thats mitigation by damage source).

    Lastly Banner of Victory is mostly fine i think, maybe give it a bit of +inc healing just to make it painful to chose which banner to use.



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