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Thread: Need a kin

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    Need a kin

    First to say hello to everyone.
    As my first post suggests i am new to the game and the community and searching for a kin to join that is focused on raids and instancing.I spend a lot of time playing the games that i like and i can't say i'm much into the casual gaming. Dunno whats the full meaning behind a family or social kin, i'm just looking to enjoy the game and its full potential : run all the dungeons, do all the quests, get all the entries and that kind of stuff. Never get tired of doing instances My toon is one level away from raiding so looking forward to that too.

    Any posts will be greatly appreciated.Thanks in advance.

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    Raids not a focus, but we run them every week. The casual is our crew, and a very active group.

    Just tonight we ran Draigoch, then followed up with an Ost Dunhoth full clear. Throughout the week there's lots of fellowships and small fellowships running stuff.
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    what happened to the list of kinships ??

    Before i logged in the i was on the blue vilya kinship pages and there was a great long list of vilya server kinships, but when u log into the green pages, there's nothing here, well im not seeing it , on my screen anyway ??

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    Can you clarify for me what the blue and green kinship pages are? I'm not sure what you mean.



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