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    My first level 75 character (Hunter). Need advice.

    Hello, everyone. So I hit level 75 a few weeks ago and I have been working on my crafting level since then. Now I am finished with that, I am seeking advice in obtaining some good level 75 armor that will enable me to run the Isengard instances and such.
    Now, I see raiding hunters have got an Orthanc set (which requires an instance deed) and the armor of Impossible Shot (which requires medallions gained from the instance) along with crit crafted/llg jewellery.
    My question is, how am I supposed to obtain those sets if I am not even strong enough to survive the instance? No one in their right mind will take me in there as I will be nothing but a burden to them. I know skirms give medallions but, I get like 7 medallions per skirms which is very slow. Is there a set or individual pieces that I can obtain to give me enough survivability in the instances until I can claw my way up to the end game gear? I was looking at the Great River crafted gear but was not sure about it.
    Any advice would help on gear, jewellery and weapons. This is my first level 75 character, so I am kind of lost on what to do next.

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    I joined a kin when I was nearing 75. Aot of end game content is for groups, so it makes sense. They got me through Draigoch a few times and now I have the Impossible Shot set and they also crafted me a bunch of nice jewellry. I would recommend finding a good kin that will help you. You kind of have to run 6 and 12 man instances to get the needed madallions. It is really hard to find groups that will take you into those instances if you don't have decent gear and don't know people. It is a catch 22.

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    T1 instance runs

    crafted gear
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    It's not a catch 22. At least not when there is no conviction that gear should be earned faster. Not "this fast", just "faster".

    Basic idea is to start not with Draigoch or ToO, but work your way through 3-man and 6-man content, honing fellowship instincts on the way and earning both decent amount of currency and some of drops that might be interesting enough. Crafted pieces of Theodred, mixed with Great River are a decent gear to start with (and by the way a good gear to start Rohan content with unless final version is completely overtuned).

    You can probably spot good ring, bracelet and shoulders on Galtrev vendors, very nice earring on Great River crafting tier and offhands popping up everywhere. Get morale necklace if you still feel too squishy, fill the rest with the combination of Agi & Vit pieces that feels balanced for you, when you reach 6-7k Morale with 1,5k Agi getting close you are more than ready to try T1 instances. The bigger problem that some additional numbers will lie in how is your "group experience" looking - which is why T1 and, and I am positively surprised by this, even Instance Finder matchups, can be interesting start.

    Don't overgrind as it is hardly worth it. Even if you get to full ToO after some huge push ... Rohan is coming.
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    Thanks for the advice. I now have a general plan on what to do now.
    I did think about Rohan coming soon, but I still would like to play the Isen instances. If I can't get to that point before RoR is released....well...at least I tried..haha

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    OP, thank you so much for making this thread. My Hunter, who is also my only toon, is currently level 74 and about 20k of exp away from level 75; so I've also been wondering about upgrading my gear. Like the previous posters said, it's all about getting armour good enough for people to agree to take you into (at least) T1 instances so that you can earn enough meds/seals for some higher-end armour, I guess. I do see people being rejected for a run in glff because their gear wasn't good enough in the fellowship leader's estimate, which is a little intimidating. xD;

    This thread was helpful, though, so thanks again, OP! +rep for everyone, and I may see if I can get my hands on the teal Great River set, then.

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    Do ROF T1 as stated above. Waiting for even perfectly geared fellows to finish boss 1 T2 just isn't worth the time. Foundry you can run regardless, just listen to fellow lead and try to make it a smooth run. If unsure how to proceed, rather don't shoot than pull the wrong stuff.

    In ROF you'll have two very distinct functions - stopping and killing a runner goblin and stopping and killing add spiders. You should save focus/power for these functions. Also be aware of your main targets at all times - for boss #1 it will be the runner and the shamans, for boss #2 solely the add spiders + pop a bleed on the boss whenever.

    Listen to the lead at all times, find the correct order to remove poison and you'll have your gear in no time.

    I guess.

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    I would also spend time getting your virtues up to at least 10 and have the right virtues ( the ones that add tac mit, phys mit, or both). Many of these are time consuming but doable without great gear and if your mits are in the 3-4k range you will have no issues with surviving t1 instances. Trust me, if your mits are low the last bosses on foundry will kill you quick. Also do parses on the galtrev dummy making sure you are getting the best dps you can out of what you have. For example with 800 agi you should be doing around 800 dps. Also take note that 1400-1500 agi is red line to me in threat generation. Prior to that point I did not pull aggro much if I gave the tank a head start after 1500 agi it became easier. So more agi , more dps, more head start for tank. Basically start slow on bosses in endurance stance , then after 20 seconds get up to full in endurance. Once another 20 seconds or so has passed switch to full in precision and you should be good to go. Don't use heartseeker in groups unless the boss is about to die. I would also recommend if you haven't yet familiarize yourself with the cc skills we have and practice using them to keep multiple mobs under control. if you learn to use them you can take t1 even t2 skirmish elites and bosses without your healer ( provided its not one the few that our cc doesn't work on) . Final note a fail on the last boss foundry t1 will still give you more medallions than a night of hard skirmishing.
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    OP, thank you so much for making this thread.
    You're welcome, Tamasha. I'm glad this thread also helped you.

    Thank you so much, Macroscian and gelleg, for taking the time to give me so much helpful advice. I appreciate it.

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    I think people can be snobbish gear-wise, and it may not be as important as you might be imagining. You can be the best geared hunter on your server and a terrible player as well. Or still have marginal gear, and make up for it with smarts and play.

    But simply surviving something like T2 Foundry or Roots shouldn't really be an issue for a hunter with crit-crafted/purple loot gear. Your damage output will be a bit off, but that's about it. The thing that makes it sometimes tough to find a group as a hunter to a certain extent is that.....there are a lot of hunters. Which probably sounds unhelpful, but at least on my server "Foundry T2 - just need Tank and Healer!!!" isn't atypical for glff....... A problem compounded by the fact that most Captains/Burgs/LMs/Minis/RKs/Guards/Wardens have as many medallions and seals as they (or their alts) will ever need without trying hard.

    But the best way to make sure you're invited to the Foundry or Roots pug is to make your own! And don't rule out Draigoch. If you have the instance it drops a ton of medallions/seals and of course, the helm and shoulder coins. The armour coins are usually easy to get at this point and are quite often left in the box because nobody needs them.

    In any case, keep trying, and after you get the Draigoch set, work on getting Orthanc wings unlocked. Most of Orthanc T1 is pretty much a faceroll at this point and I can't see too many people being overly picky, gear-wise for a random pug. And as mentioned, the Limlight Jewelry set is the best going and can be easily obtained purely solo.
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