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    Post My Hunter first age

    Any suggestions? I am heading to induction power cost and focus threat rating.

    what ya think?
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    With three majors, you have the best ones already. How would you get Induction Bow Power Cost on there, a crystal of remembrance?

    IMO, max Barbed Arrow Bleed, replace Induction Threat with Agility, and replace HS damage with Vitality
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    If you're traited blue with improved fleetness and blue ToO armour set don't replace focus power cost with induction power cost. If you are traited red/mixed I can recommend replacing. If you have a crystal of remembrance just use it to add induction power cost
    Generally I agree with Nakiami, replace those 2 minors with Vit and Agi.

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    Yeah that what I was thinking but not concerned about vit. I was not sure about the threat since most guards can't hold my aggro even in endurance stance.
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    put an agil/mastery title on it and its good.
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