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    Crafted Traps & Trapper

    It's been a while I even bothered with crafted traps, not because they are terribly disappointing, but it's more like crafting, carrying & clicking effort rarely justifies gain. They can be considered lifesaver in some landscape problem, but both group and Moors will rarely see impressive benefits. And then we have pile of issues like cooldowns and too much similarities.

    On the other hand - Trapper, Yelolow that was already replaced by a modest number of 3753652343 traitlines by underwhelmed people. But what if... Turbine says "It's Lendas' fault, deal with it" and it is not blown up after all? Or even if it is, there is no reason updated traps should not buff this new, simplified Melee Survivability Support Debuff Stealth CC Travel traitline that could make everyone happy.

    Imagine for a while Trapper gets rid of trap traits or meh trap boosts from stacking Yellows. Then we get something like Improved Traps from 4-Y or 3-Y, that instead of listing bazillion individual buffs on traitline tooltip has some help window, explaining stuff to new people so they may rest peacefully never reading it.

    #1 Stuff that should be already present (Trapper only).
    A. Cooldowns reduced to 3m for each trap (exception: Tripwire).
    B. Trap placement does not break stealth.
    C. Quick Traps removed from the game. Improved casting speed granted for any Crafted Trap by Improved Traps (exception: Tripwire).
    D. Intent Concentration (or a different skill) recovers all Trap cooldowns: trait or traitline

    #2 Different Stuff - I added General Improvement, accessible by everybody and therefore less attractive (while more attractive than current stuff) and Trapper Improvement to each Trap. Effects are not stackable with traps from another Hunter. Obviously, values or specific debuffs are there to just look nice, I wouldn't defend any of them too hard.

    Strong Trap - "will not release target when damaged": removed from the game, like it ever worked long enough or not random-ish enough (or at all in Moors);
    General: Disarms & Silences the target.
    Improved Traps: Next damaging skill from owner of the trap will be automatic critical.

    So, more or less soloist trap.

    Bear Trap - "trapping and damaging the target" & duration kept
    General: Damage increased. Seriously... crafted piece with a medium c/d? About time.
    Improved Traps: Mitigations of unlucky mob reduced by 1/3 for 5 seconds

    Group content, Moors, solo against multiple mobs.

    Triple Trap
    General: Trap applies medium armor rend.
    Improved Traps: 2nd and 3rd trap applies x2 multiplier (each) to armor rend. Go ahead, Reaver, charge through all of them as usual

    If rend or other effect is useful enough tank may even have a reason to guide boss through all three of them. Clunky mechanics = either un-clunky them or make them worth their clunkiness.

    Lure Trap cannot be placed in-combat
    General: +10% Attack Duration aura
    Improved Traps: +5% Inc Damage aura OR power drain (rather useless in PvE though - still, aura - related feels right)
    Mechanic upgrade: Lure Trap shares aggro with the owner, always being +1 ahead until, obviously, destroyed. Feels like hardly earned "get out of jail" card for threat management against single bosses though...

    But other than that - against mobs of mobs like... that new raid:P

    Tripwire cannot be placed in-combat
    General: CD reduced AND separate from crafted traps
    Improved Traps: When activated, it additionally hits victim for 10% or 3000 maximum Morale, lower value is chosen.

    Set Trap: buffed by Improved Traps (all current trait bonuses you can get), but remains primarily Root-on-demand.
    Set Snare: buffed by Improved Traps, remains slow & bleed, usable in-combat if traited.

    With those options, current CC bonuses, resettable cooldowns for crafted and separate one for Tripwire... I doubt Yelolow Hunter would be anything non-suicidal in SoloMoors. But as a group troll spamming those traps around freeps, upgrade to CC build for PvE group content, better landscape soloing options for those who usually don't unslot Red/Blue combo?
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