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    Weapon/amour choice for a lvl 10-40 and end game amour for captain

    Hi, I'm a noob player who doesn't know what the amour I should work up to. I would an amour and weapon that would be in raids or solo. Please leave suggestions.

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    there are thousands if not millions of pieces of equipment in the game. telling you to pick a specific set would be unfair. With RoR coming out in two weeks by the time you reach the end-game you will be in rohan and its not released yet, so I don't know what end game equipment to tell you to get.

    what you can do is do quests (especially the epic line) they offer several awesome equipments for you to get.

    the thing about early levels is whenever you equip the best stuff you can, in a few levels you are just going to replace it so don't spend too much time and resources getting the best level 40 equipment when average easy to obtain level 50 stuff is so much better.

    I had teal level 58-60 armor (the moria equipment) and the 66 yellow stuff in dunland was so much better.

    I have saved all of my gold and marks/medallions/seals to get level 85 rohan equipment. sure I still buy the little things but dropping 1500 medallions to get something awesome only to replace it at 85 with something even more awesome seemed like a waste.

    also the important thing isn't getting the best equipment (for me at least). its being a character in middle earth who fights for the free peoples against the evil forces of mordor. getting the equipment will come as a reward so you can fight more bad guys.

    so if you'll excuse me Ima go kill me some evil hill-men... to get an awesome survivability trait so i don't die so much.

    good luck in your travels

    edit: you can also try skirmish camps they can get you some decent equipment at a cheap price.

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    for levelling a captain until end-content in solo play just focus on items with might and vitality and slight amount of fate and agility (for crits). There's no armour you should focus on. While on level 40 you could use the Evendim-armour given as quest items levelling through the region. This is quite fair until level 50. While in Moria just use the epic quest items. Don't spent too much medallions of moria except you've got enough for the equipment at the class-trainer in 21st hall. If you like, use the hall-generals armour instead of the other one's. I've used this until level 65. While in Dunland replace the Moria armour with the epic-quest armour and with level 75 get the draigoch armour with your medallions. Don't get the Orthanc armour as this will be a waste of time while RoR will give you better stuff except you're trying to raid ToO on Tier 2 with level 75.

    there are three ressources getting valuable armour:
    Level 20 - 40 --> get crafted crit armour (maybe AH or from your kinship)
    Level 40 --> use the Evendim quest armour (Armour of Forgotten Hope http://lorebook.lotro.com/wiki/Armou...Forgotten_Hope)
    Level 50 --> got to Moria and use the epic quest armour
    Level 58-60 --> try to get the Hall's General Armour (maybe you won't find anybody running with you the Watcher raid http://lorebook.lotro.com/wiki/Armou...ral's_Helm)
    Level 65 --> use the Dunland epic quest armour
    Level 75 --> get the Draigoch armour set (Armour of the Gallant Commander http://lorebook.lotro.com/wiki/Armou...lant_Commander
    after Level 75 --> nobody knows now....

  4. I'm going to differ a little bit here:

    1 - 84: don't grind equipment. If you get good stuff from quests, instances, great, if a friend will make you some serviceable stuff, better. Skirmish gear is another option, but I wouldn't blow the marks. You will outlevel it all pretty quickly so don't worry too much about it. Once you reach level cap, you will know what type of gaming you are interested in.

    In the meantime, what you want from armour at low levels:

    +physical mastery
    +tactical or physical mitigations

    You probably won't get all of these on low level gear, but... worth considering when you are comparing two different items.

    At end game, you'll have a much better idea of what you need and how to build for it. Raiders will typically have multiple sets for multiple circumstances.

    In the meantime, don't fret too much over gear. Landscape pve is pretty forgiving. Do instances with pugs or with friends, find a good kin that will support you, and enjoy the game.



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