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    Second Age weapons

    I have a 75 cappie, who is currently using a third age hammer, so how do I get a second age sword?

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    Second age weapons are created through crafting, and the key ingredient for this crafting is a worn symbol of celebrimbor.

    To get one of the second age weapons you can either:
    - buy one from the auction house to bypass the crafting part
    - craft it yourself (if you have the right crafters)
    - ask a friend to craft it for you

    To get the key ingredient, the easiest way is to complete the epic book so far as the last part will reward you with the symbol. You can also get this from a dragon run if that is accessible to you - but epic book is prob the easiest (can also buy from AH but why waste the cash?)

    hope that helps

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    Thank you, that was helpful
    So, I just give a friend my Worn Symbol of Celembrimbor and they can make a 2nd age weapon?

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    Your friend will have to have the correct recipe which means that they must have the correct tier of crafting ability.

    If they have this then they'll be able to confirm the full ingredients for you - worn symbol is the key one but there'll be some others (prob rhi helvarch sigil, refined skarn ore and legendary fragments). The other ingredients are much easier to find than then symbol though.



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