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    [Idea] Making abandoned houses fun for everyone

    Take a moment to consider the current situation with our abandoned housing. Sucks doesn't it? Well, we can make it better with a little developer sweat, toil, and...spiders?

    Yes, there is a very fun way to handle abandoned houses: Let them turn into level-scaling one-to-three-man/hobbit/elf/dwarf dungeons if abandoned long enough! This will create lively neighborhoods, bustling with people on their way to the local abandoned houses, creating interesting roleplay opportunities, and creating a new brand of "exterminator" kinships. Much like Skirmishes, they would have randomized bosses based on location: The shire would get rats, with spiders as their sub-bosses and final boss, Bree would get rats and bandits, Thorin's Halls would get rats and Dourhands, and Duillond would get rats with Goblins.

    Obviously, the difficulty of the mobs would be mostly the same, despite differing appearances, and the loot would be much the same except for cosmetics...and one bonus: You get a COPY of one item in the house for completing the dungeon, Bind on acquire of course. Eventually, if people complete the infested house/dungeon fifteen times, the house would turn back into a normal house...albeit UNCLAIMED, and everything within goes to an escrow broker, halted until two weeks after the person logs back on on the character that owns the house. This could be a great way of discouraging unofficial abandonment of houses, as there's no guarantee you will get your house back if you lose it to monsters and complete the dungeon.

    Devs, please take this into consideration, as it could be both fun and rewarding for everyone.

    ((Note that this was inspired by the quest Gerebert Misses a Meal, in which you find a hobbit house infested with rats after the owner goes missing. Thank you for your consideration, and yes, this is completely serious.))

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    ...and what is the period of time that all this happens after?

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    Just saw this ...

    not a bad idea to do something with inaccessable homes .. though this may take too much time for the devs atm ...

    on the same line of thought though ...
    how about every couple of weeks after house abandonment, the house starts to look drab & downtrodden, the yard unkept, etc.

    Have the change be progressive ... this way people can /bug (or in this case /emergencyrepairman) the houses in question for those that monitor such things.

    Eventually the house will be nothing more then a foundadion & a few boards amist weeds.

    I dont know if they are completely aware of how bad a situation people are finding it.

    So that neighborhoods dont start to look too poverty stricken, make the changes appear when you get close to the house .. like people's yard decorations.

    That way .. everyone who goes by can ping the back-office .. they get enough emergency repair calls, they may be more apt to fix the problem.

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    Good idea, I spend a lot of time in my neighbourhood and have never ever in the last 2 years seen another player in the neighbourhood. Except my friend when I invite him over to see my decorations.



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