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Thread: Raid parsing

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    Raid parsing

    Hi everyone.

    A stumbled across this thread (http://forums.lotro.com/showthread.p...45-Good-parses) and wondered "Well, I can't parse that good on dummies even though I am well geared, what am I doing wrong ?" (for information, I usually do about 1,8kDPS for 1min on dummies).

    Then I read this :
    Quote Originally Posted by YesMaam
    There is not a class in the game that can out DPS a hunter who knows what hes doing and has the best gear. Feel free to link any parse from any player anywhere in the game in any fight and I will beat it with a FRAPS video
    Sold ! If someone (not necessary Yelk) could post a FRAPS video in which he/she does better than me, I could actually learn a few things.

    First, this is what I "wear" for PVE raids (gear/traits/LIs). I'm obviously opened to discussion

    Now, my parses.
    The first one is Bukot T2c.
    Actually my best shot at it, could have beaten myself a couple days ago if I had not died in the middle of the fight (still ended up with 2,0kDPS, so I'm starting to think I could repeat it. My job on this fight : One gloom and one defiler per phase, every goddam' root, ravagers between phases 2 and 3, Bukot when nothing else around.

    The second one was Fire and Frost T2c (2 burgs) (burning the first giant part)
    Sadly did not think of saving a detailed parse here. Also have not had the chance to do this again since we have not be trying it a lot (after we succeeded once), and the few times we did I was in charge of helping taking the first grim down (and sometimes spawning one too). I might have been crit lucky, couldn't say for sure.

    Last time I did acid T2 (2 burgs), I got to 3,1kDPS while I lost time due to disease curing (moving away/coming back). I often get tie/beaten by a champion kin-mate (that knows what he's doing with his champ).

    I'd be grateful if anyone could help me to do better, even without a FRAPS video .
    Please keep in mind that I do not want to know who has to bigger bow around, just trying to find a way to have a bigger one myself
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    Wow, those are pretty amazing parses

    The highest one ive seen was 4,1k by burgs in F/F t2, so youre not very far from them.

    I personally dont have any amazing raid parse, many factors come in way(laggy tanks=>less aggro=>me overaggroing)

    Im just amazed by your hit rate...99% thats huge. Whats you finesse if i may ask? I suggest something around 7k, since we have pretty similiar gear.

    This is my parse from kalbak t2, and only 90% with 7070 finesse:/ (btw that 14,9k hit is Blood arrow)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gabli View Post
    If someone (not necessary Yelk) could post a FRAPS video in which he/she does better than me, I could actually learn a few things.
    "Build the entire raid to cater exclusively to your performance" is probably a good place to start.


    On topic (with disclaimer):

    I haven't played hunter since Mirkwood, and haven't put any effort into it since SoA, so feel free to ignore me if I'm way off base. I also have no clue what any of the endgame fights entail strategy-wise.

    That said: I noticed you have MS on your skill use list. Unless things have changed a lot, the damage/focus ratio of MS is bad enough it's only real use is corruption removal. If that's why it's there, cool. If not, dropping it out of your rotation should help a smidge. RoA is probably in the same boat; if you don't need the AoE, you're likely better off using PS.

    Going by your numbers (and assuming both PS and BlA cost 2 Focus and MS costs 6), your damage per Focus is:

    PS: 1203
    BlA: 1520
    MS: 661
    RoA: 505

    If BlA doesn't cost 2 Focus, it drops down to 1013 d/F, and isn't worth using. If you have the setup where SB reduces MS cost, it's not until 3 Focus that MS surpasses PS for d/F. At that point, MS is at 1323 d/F.


    Aside: Nice to see an intelligent, engaging thread around here for a change. I haven't had the desire to bust out a calculator in a long time.
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    To Sheepscalp :

    I have exactly the same amount of finesse as you (7070). Now that you mention it, the hit rate on Bukot is indeed very high, makes me wonder whether glooms and roots can block/parry/evade ? I'll try to check next time, and also check my hit rate in other encounters.

    Edit : I checked, and can confirm that neither gloom elhudans nor isengard roots from the Bukot fight can b/p/e. For other encounters my hit rate is usually somewhere between 85 and 95%.

    To CWood :

    Any constructive answer is welcome regardless of whether or not you are still playing, so feel free to come back and comment anytime

    Concerning RoA : I indeed use it for AoE, at one point during this fight (at least with my kin's strategy), we have to take out 4 ravagers that are offtanked, so AoE come of use.

    You are correct, I play 5b/2r traited, with the orthanc set that allows to use BlA and PS at the cost of 2 focus.
    Concerning the fights, the Bukot one I have to switch target a lot, but I can plan my movements through the fighting area, so I can pew pew while at it without ruining my rotation. For the other one, I could stand completely still and focus on just doing as much damage as I could to a single target (the only current strategy that is known include killing a big mob in less than 60sec).
    Have to note that your damage per focus is off concerning RoA : 8 is not the number of times I used the skill, but the number of targets it hit. So I probably used it 2/3 times actually.

    And yes, I have traited MS, and only use it if I have diminished its focus cost to 2/3 (even if it can be tempting to use it when it is off CD, but the cost is still 4 ). This way, I use this skill when it is more efficient in terms of damage and focus than any other skill, and I believe the damage I gain through using it over PS is larger than what I lose for not traiting Swift Bow.
    I had done a rough calculation that gave something like :
    -traiting SB gives approximately 300 more damage per swift bow
    -traited MS damage > PS damage by more than at least 1000 (considering crit rate).
    So using traited MS over PS should gives me more damage than the damage lost from the 3 untraited SB I used to "unlock" my effective MS.
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