I demand a new skill for creeps, lets call it "revenge from the grave".

Mechanic is that if Creep is attacked by Freep group/raid containing >3 minis= skill activates option of suicide.

Upon activation :
Creep dies by tearing their own limbs off whilst unfurling a "banner of frustration".
All Minis in the group are deducted 4.5 stars from their existing pool of 5.
All Minis in the group receive a store ban which activates for 3 days.
500 TPs are transfered from the Minis accounts into the dead creeps account.
Perks are disabled..forever.
Warspeach is deleted from thier character account.
Regional annoucement is made in chat that "Mini (insert name here) has suffered the redicule of Revenge From The Grave by Creep (insert name here).
They cannot wear any gear or cosmetic items.
All gear is transfered into their housing chests and deleted when the chests are opened.
Another auto Regional annoucement that "Freep (insert name here) has opened thier chests after being in receipt of "Revenge from the Grave".

Benefits are that the whole server will have a right old laugh (Freep and Creep sides) and the world would be a little bit better place to live in.

Well what do you think? devs should have enough time to program this for RoR launch if we all get behind it now.