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Thread: Rift Housing

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    Rift Housing

    God I wish Turbine could do this in LOTRO.

    The short and skinny of it:

    Fully customizable. Place stuff anywhere, including on top of each other. Guilds, upon clearing out a dungon, can turn said dungeon into their guild hall! Heck, they even built a freaking treehouse outside!

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    While that is definitely better than what we have, Star Wars Galaxies was the pinnacle of MMO housing. I've yet to encounter anything remotely as good, and sadly, I doubt I ever will.
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    Woow! I think I'm in love again ._.

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    Nice , however I agree with Sthrax SWG had the best system. Guilds/Kins could build entire citys . The size of the houses put those currently in LotRO to shame. You could place items anywhere and decorate to your hearts content. You could use your house for storage up to the item limit. You could place top of the line crafting stations in your home. The issue is however with the current Dev Team that is employed by Turbine a housing upgrade will never happen because they are too lazy and self centered to do the job.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Starbuck1771 View Post
    ...The issue is however with the current Dev Team that is employed by Turbine a housing upgrade will never happen because they are too lazy and self centered to do the job.
    Starbuck I generally agree with your ideas, but I am sure the Development staff are very, very busy at Turbine. It is more likely, they don't have enough staff, and are assigned what their bosses choose them to work on. Seriously, it is very unlikely that the staff are just "lazy".

    If you needed 10 people to work on something, and you only had 5 people available, and those 5 were working very hard, would you call them lazy because they could not do everything?
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    Never had a chance to try SWG, but it sounds cool. If either that or the OPs Rift housing was in LotRO, I'm not sure I would ever leave the housing area.

    It would be cool if the devs had more time to work on housing and upgrade it, and the hobby system, along with everything else, but I don't think calling them lazy and self centered helps.

    What I would like to see them do is what they did with the festivals. Take an intern or a new dev, and let them have at it. Then we might end up with something like the Winter Fest.

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    That. Is. Amazing.

    If the Rift dev team puts that much effort into housing, I think I must experience the game itself (now that I've abandoned the TORtanic).

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    i was kinda partial t oeq2s housing system, some items reduced your rent, placement anywhere. i miss my status house in south qeynos
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