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    Recommend me some good SOLOABLE level 75 gear?

    I know 4/6 of the Draigoch set is an option, but I only have the one character, have never really tried raiding, and was off the game for several months until fairly recently, so I figured it couldn't hurt to do some research as I approach that elusive level 75 mark. So, soloable endgame armour sets (not that it's going to be endgame in a couple of weeks, lol) and jewellery? And while we're at it, what's the best (again, soloable) way to grind Medallions?

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    I think its nearly impossible getting enough medallions for a armour piece if purely soloing..

    Your best chance is getting some reputation armour and jewellery pieces from dunland/theodred's riders barters in galtrev or stangard reputation barter in stangard. And to complete you gear with what these barters dont have maybe craft some armour and jewels..

    However you really should try a draigoch run: its the most easy raid nowadays and can be a good first step regarding instances/raiding. With some luck you could win the token for the helm/shoulders and possibly the draigoch scales for the cloak.
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