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    Unhappy Hunter ( & Wardens) need LUA for ports/musters

    My hunter at level 75 has 16 spaces in my quick slots taken by ports. A couple of years ago there was talk about Lua scripting for Hunter Ports to free up that space, but still have easy access to ports. Wardens would like the same thing for their musters. Is there any chance of LotRO coming up with something that a not very computer literate like me could actually use in game? Today I needed one skill that was not in my quickslots and was defeated twice in a row because of it. There just isn't room for everything.

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    I don't keep any travel skills on my quick slots anymore, I just don't need them that quickly. I hit K to open the skills panel then type a first 3 letters of the port into the box at the top and I am good to go. Others I know choose to only keep their most commonly used ports in a quick slot.

    But if all that doesn't interest you there are a few plugins that give you unlocked fully customizable quickslots. Have a look at lotrointerface.com

    Some examples:

    and many more!
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    I agree. In the meantime I would suggest that you learn to find them in the skill book and just keep a few important ones on your toolbars. 15 is way too many. If you don't use it every log-in then it doesn't need to be on your toolbar.

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    Such a LUA plugin already exists: http://www.lotrointerface.com/downlo...velWindow.html

    The Travel plugin can be used by all classes as an alternative to valuable quick-slots for all travel skills including milestones, housing, class porting skills, and reputation travel skills.

    It is very easy to install and configure using the detailed instructions available at the above link.
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    Tonic Bars, Tonic Bars, Tonic Bars

    There not that hard to use and there is enough info on the web to teach you how to use them.

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    Thank you all for your help.

    Really appreciate the Lotro family.



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