Kin: <SaD>
Search and Destroy

We are but 3 (and like it that way). However, of course this limits us on game content. For now, we are looking to add 2 dps. Once Rohan comes out, if we see a large enough increase in server population, we may expand or merge at that time accordingly. We have a good tank and healer (guardian & minstrel) and a lore master for dps. We are currently leveling up through Mines of Moria. I (healer) am 54 & my tank is 52. My dps is currently catching up b/c he has been out of game for a few months and only lvl 43. Anyone interested, we play on weekends for hours at a time, and my 43 lore master will be leveling to catch up through the week, during the evenings. Once again, we are looking for 2 dps around level 45-55.