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    Hunter guide (from personal and shared experience)

    Greetings hunters of Middle Earth,

    Since i am a bit bored and the server downtime will last for a bit i decided to put togheter a small guide for hunters with my personal oppinions about skills and tactics. Nothing im about to write is guaranteed to be true, so any discussion is welcomed. Also images are from lorebook. EDIT: only after i finished i realise there was a 4 image limit per post. Thats why its fragmentes. hope its still nice to read though.

    First of all for those that are just now starting their hunter what should you expect?

    - The hunter's best ability is single target DPS, with 2 secondary roles of AOE dps and CC (if traited yellow, rarely done but usefull when needed). In solo play you will have to kill your target(s) before they come in melee range. Usually one hunter can ake 1-4 mobs but with CC and good use of skills. Survivability is not our best asset. In group you will be invited as DPS 99% of times. And your job will be to burn mobs fast.

    The main pros of this class are:
    - very easy to solo as we have many ports and campfire porting, also blazing fast DPS to finish quests fast.
    - easy class, no complicated mechanic at play here, just pew pew.

    The main cons are:
    - many DPS classes out there, not as much demand in groups for yet ANOTHER hunter.
    - many hunters have agro management and power issues.
    - we die alot in solo if not careful.

    Hunter stats and how they influence our game

    The hunters main stats are Agility and Vitality. In lesser extent Fate. And not important are Might and Will.

    1 point of agility gives - 10 points of Physical mastery (increases damage)
    - 2 points of critical rating (increases chance to land a crit)
    - 2 points evade 1 point parry rating
    1 point Vitality gives - 3 points morale
    - 2 point restiance rating
    - 1 point mitigation
    - some OCMR
    1 point of fate gives - 1 point critical rating
    - some ICPR (its a function wont explain)
    1 point of will gives - 3 points of power
    - some OCPR
    - some tactical mastery.......
    You have more or less no reason to put might. It gives less morale than vitality and not enough mitigation to matter.

    As you aproach and achieve 2000 Agility the bonuses dont climb as abruptly as they did before 1000, but it doesnt mean you dont get bonuses. Its just a good time to put some vitality and raw Critical rating on. For normal PvE 1500-1800 Agility is enough, with 4000-6000 morale. For raiding ToO you need to have close to 2000 Agility or more and get more than 6500 morale (even more if T2 or Saruman in detriment of agility).

    usually gear for Hunter is easy to spot. It has Agiility/Vitality as main stat, with some will/fate/crit/mastery as secondaries. And as far as armour goes take the Dragon set at first and if you can upgrade with ToO set (Whichever you prefer, DPS parses have placed them in Faron, Cudur, Gonathradir order but differences are not mind blowing. But most hunters choose Blue line so Faron to complemet it).

    Hunters skills (by order of training):

    (improved) Blindside - in the first levels a quite potent damaging skill. In the rest of the game the hunters only interrupt that works on CC immune bosses. In the Riders of Rohan update the improved version of it will be usable on the move which will allow for more responsive interrupting. It has a CD of 20s, usefull in fight where the inductions are also on a timer (like Huva in Draghnak - 20s, perfect for hunter interrupting)

    Swift stroke - usefull for solo action when mobs get into melee range as it gives a defensive buff. There is also a minor Weapon Legacy that affects it (Swift Stroke Parry and Evade Rating) but there are better ones to use. Personally i only use it when i happen to have pulled a mob from the healer so i take less damage while tank gets it. But usually mob is dead by then.

    (improved) Quick Shot - Hunter's bread and butter. By far one of the most used skills for focus building and also fillinf spots in the rotation. On a maximum induction of 1s (can be reduced by traiting blue line) its shot almost instantly and gives 1 pip of focus. But its more than that to it, as its effect depends on the stance you are in: in endurance it applies a de-threat (blue animation above the mob), usefull for when you acidentally pulled, or just to make sure you dont pull from say a sub par tank or a champ tank; in precision it increases the crit chance for Quick shot by 10% (combined with the trait that gives one pip of focus for each crit helps build more focus faster); in strength it applies a 40% slow debuff on the target (good for kiting). Can be altered with two major legacy for bow (Strength Quick Shot slow and Quick Shot Critical Rating, both not worth putting on). Affected by oils.

    (improved) Penetrating shot - another bread and butter skill, should be in everybodies rotation. Ignores part of a target armour so it does more damage. Costs 3 focus, can be reduced at level 75 with Full Faron Set to 2 focus. Also the improved version has no cooldown so you can burn all 6 pips of focus with 3 shots (or more). Can further negate arour by traiting red line trait True shot (-8% target mitigation) and increase damage by Blue trait Strong Draw (+10% damage).
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    (improved) Scourging blow - It has a useful effect in its improved versian as it makes the next Barbed arrow instant cast. This allows for a fast slow and gettaway. Useful in Ettenmoors for fast CC (you slow and go back in range) or for soloing/grouping for kiting purposes or for when you acidentally pulled a mob from the tank.

    Barbed arrow - The hunters main DoT (damage over time). It is also a slow debuff (10% - increasable to 40% with yellow trait Barbed Hindrance). With red line trait (Barbed fury - 20% damage for bleed), bow minor legacy (Barbed Arrow Bleed Damage - up to 50%) it can greatly increase DPS in long boss fights. Induction can be reduced with 0.1s by traiting red line (Fast draw). Affected by oils.

    Strength Stance - the first stance, looses usefulness later in game to Precision stance. It does give a bonus to damage, usefull in solo, and also has the slow effect for Barbed Arrow. I dont use it anymore now due to bonuses from Precision stance.

    Set trap - one of the Hunters CC. If traited on yellow line (Strudy Traps, Combat Traps, Spring Loaded Traps and also the set bonuses that reduce CD by 30% and inductions by 50%) it can be applied in combat (can be marginally useful) and give a bonus to damage taken by target. So if you are traited yellow for some reason use them as your CC will be needed (im thinking ToO wings here).
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    (Improved) Focus - Use before every battle. Also improved version offers a 5 second buff to critical change (+25%) and critical magnitude (+25%). That means after u use it shoot fast to shoot big. Use all focus fast. But be carefull if in a group, doing 5 devastates one after the other WILL bring the target to you unless the tank force taunts it.

    (Improved) Swift bow - Another bread and butter skill. Shoots 2 (later 3 on improved version) arrows fast. Can be improved in some ways by traits: Red trait Swift and true (8% damage and 16% damage for third attack), red trait Fast Draw (-0.2s from induction). It can apply a debuff on target if you wear full Gonathradir set from ToO. Affected by oils.
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    Passage of nature/foes/shadow - the three tracking skills. First for animals and beasts, second for humanoids and third for undead/spirits/shadow creatures. Usefull in solo for quests and also in Ettenmoors.

    Cry of the predator - a fear skill that only works on animals. Only usefull for real in ettenmoors to CC wargs/spiders. Can be improved by a yellow trait but i dont see the point. Purely sicumstantial skill.
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    Find the Path - fellowship wide run speed buff (only out of combat). As much as you want to put the legacy for it on your weapon dont. There are many others that are better. You do have a horse for speed.

    Purge Poison - cures removable poison of a member (if traited 5 yellow from fellowship). As far as i know no new instance has massive poison effects. So usefull when its usefull. I see no point in traiting 5 in yellow to get the fellowship buff. Also puts a poison resistance buff on the target which is somewhat usefull.

    (Improved) Low cut - rarely use it. In Ettenmoors is a good slow. Else its an aoe i pop when in the middle of the action and my mouse is over it. Not even the bleed can make it interesting. Of course i wouldnt advice wasting a legacy on it.

    Precision stance - my personal favorite stance. It naturaly gives a lowered miss chance and gives 1 pip of focus every 5 seconds. But the improvements i can give it are the ones that are best: a major legacy for weapon gives it a magnitide for critical shots (Critical Magnitude in Precision Stance) which means that when you crit you hit harder, also more crits from Quick shot. Think the math shows it should be equal to the damage bonus from Strength but i like precision :P.
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    Rain of Arrows - main AoE skill. Devastating when used with several traits: red trait Hail of Arrows (increases crit chance and magnitude) , red trait Critical shot (increases crit rating) and Arrow storm (when you crit with Rain of arrows it restes its CD and that of Split shot) and blue trait Deadly Precision (gives a pip of focus on crit). Also Faron set from ToO has a bonus that resets CD of rain of arrows when you crit with Split Shot. So why these 3 traits? More crit chance - more chance to just spam rain of arrows over and over and get focus and CD removal. Good for trash fights. Also some trait the major weapon legacy (Maximum Targets for AoE Skills) to get more out of this skill. I personally think its not my job to do aoe, and i can find a better legacy. But it works good with the things i talked about earlier. Affected by oils.

    Intent concentration - fills the focus bar. Pew pew like a machine gun. Also has power returning benefits if traited with blue trait Deep Concentration, which can be improved with a minor weapon legacy (Power Restored by Traited Intent Concentration). Total must have in my oppinion to trait it and improve it. Read below at tips for best usage.

    Desperate flight - chicken run. I use it for fast travel if i know the reving circle is near to where i wanna go. Else its annoying, i dotn even have it on screen because i once accidentaly clicked it in an instance and found myself out. Not very pleasent. It has a legacy affecting its CD. Do i have to comment?

    Bright Campfire - in Riders of Rohan it will even be scaled to be usefull at end game. Gives for a faster recovery after a fight so we can move further. Good skill but rarely used.
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    Agile Rejoinder - requires a parry event. From Rider of Rohan will always give a heal, if equiped with the minor legacy on the weapon (now called Agile Rejoinder Heal Chance) it will give a bigger heal. One of the few self heals. Will become a must do in melee, agro accidents and ettenmoors. You can get a parry event faster by using swift strike. If you are an elf and desperate use Eldars Grace.

    Split shot - ranged AoE with a small AoE radius. Will be made cool in Riders of Rohan by giving it a bigger focus build up value (one pip for every target hit) and larger radius. Will even make me put the AoE target increase legacy on my weapon. Affected by oils.

    Endurance stance - not all hunters are ok with power and threat. If you are unsure if the tank can handle it (it may be a group where the champ/captain tanks) or you are unsure your power will last the whole fight use this stance as it reduces both of then. Also makes quick shot a de-threat (usefull to quickly loose a mob and sent it back to the tank).

    (Improved) Merciful shot - natively a costly skill (6 focus) with an unusual requirement, the target needs to be under 50% morale. Has a big critical payoff (2x). It can be improved in some ways: red trait Swift Mercy reduces the focus cost for each swift bow usage, and increases the crit magnitude, also the major legacy for bow Merciful Shot Cooldown reduces the CD. It also removes 3 corruptions from a mob. But only after its under 50%. So usefull in half, since the rest of teh battle some other class had to remove them. Not a bad skill but not my cup of cake to use it.
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    Needful Haste - for 3 focus you can pew pew faster. And when traited with Resolute Aim you can use inductions even when atatcked (must have in Ettens). Good skill should be used everytime when up.

    Set Snare - never used it.

    Beneath notice (Beneath Care) - reduces threat for a period of time. Alse improved version gives power. To be used either when you plan big number in fast succesion (in tandem with focus 5 seconds buff, Great River bauble or Hunter focus potion) or whenever up for power bonus. Great skill. The CD can be reduced with major weapon legacy Beneath Notice Cooldown, a must have.

    Camouflage - stationary stealth. Has a pinning animation where you cant attack when activating. Good for amushes in Ettenmoors.
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    Hunter's Art - gives a buff depending on stance, power reduction for endurance, finesse bonus for precision, damage for strength. In Riders of Rohan will be a buff skill, no attack (currently has a lenghty animation and isnt used). Poor bonus for precision, best bonus for strength. A reason to use strength after Rohan.

    Blood Arrow - costs morale not power. But since in groups we arrely get hit use it with no fear (but be careful if you are on low morale and expecting a hit - say you have a dot or boss AoEs - it might just be the drop that gets you killed). High critical multiplier, affected by blue trait Strong Draw (10% damage). I always do Penetrating, blood Penetrating etc to use all focus. Also use it whenever off CD. Affected by oils.

    (Improved) Dazing Blow - daze and interrupt (if not imune to daze), plus corruption removal (yes hunters are quite good corruption removal tools). Usable on the move. Very good skill both in PvE and PvP.

    Heart Seeker - long induction, high power cost, not enough damage in my oppinion. Has a stupid cross so all creeps know your there and gona hit em so they go around the corner. Can be improved in sever ways. Red trait Shoot through the Heart (if target has barbed arrow bleed the Heart Seeker consumes that and does additional damage 500 for my level), yellow trait Heart of the Bard (each landed Dazing arrow reduced CD for Heart seeker by 20s), minor legacy for bow Heart Seeker Damage, some Set Bonuses for level 75 gear also increase damage/add functionality. If you like big numbers its your skill to have, altough not best in game best for hunter. If improved in all ways its heard to hit 12.000. Personally i like fast DPS and steady. But in the right build it can be a great skill.
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  10. (Improved) Fleetness - self buff for Hunter. Normal version is not appealing. But Legendary traited Improved Fleetness (needs 5 blue line traits to have) is very very very awesme (especially in tandem with Faron Set from ToO). It gives 1 focus per second for 5 seconds (so pays for itself), reduces inductions (awesome) by 15%, gives a speed bonus and a lower miss chance when running. And best part it can be permanently maintaines as its CD is equal to duration. Pain to click a skill every 30 sec but for every blue traited hunter its THE skill to get fast DPS. And in ToO Faron set Penetrating shot and Blood Arrow cost 2 focus when its active (super to).

    Distracting shot (explosive Arrow)- a daze from range. Very useful, bigsih CD. Can be reduced with yellow line. If traited 5 in ywlloe it can be transformed into Legendary Version Explosive arrow with longer duration and short CD (can basically keep a target dazed indefenetly). There are also two minor bow legacies that reduces resistance to it and decrease CD. If needed to CC it is THE skill to use. Again im looking ToO wings. Will be altered in Rider of Rohan to be more usefull even if not CC-ing.

    Burn Hot (cool burn) - increaes damage in standard edition. If traited 5 in red line and Cool Burn as Legendary it further increases damage and decreases. If also improved with the minor Bow legacy it further increases damage. Also improved by wearing the Cudur set from ToO it gives a 25% increase in crit magnitude. Cool skill. If iproved maximaly it gives big numbers .

    Legendsry skills:

    Bard's Arrow - a fear, must have for CC-ing hunter.
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  11. Press Onward - a self heal/power gain with induction. Maybe it will be scaled better in Rohan as it gives little power/power for the pools now available. Still suefull, alse CD can be reduced with a minor legacy Press Onward Cooldown.

    Rain of Thorns - AoE root. Usefull in some circumstances in group. A must have in solo since it is the only way to tangle fights with many mobs (root and pick em up one by one).

    Also there are many many ports to many places that i wont comment to much, they take you places you know? And also your 5 pals in teh fellowship. All you need are travel rations.

    So thats about it with skills, will be back and talk about trait lines and bonuses.

    Cya soon
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  12. Reserved for Red trait line
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  13. Reserved for blue trait line.
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  14. Reserved for yellow trait line.
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  15. Reserved for Bow Legendary weapon
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  16. Rserved for Melee legendary weapon
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  17. Hunter grouping tips:

    In most of the hunters life he/she will be invited to groups for the purpose of DPS-ing. Its what we do best and no reason to try and be what we are not.Hunters can be a single target damager or AoE damager (or both).

    Trait lines

    I personally use a 5 blue/2 red trait plan to get acces to Improved Fleetness, reduce inductions of skills and other bonuses discussed in the Trait lines sections. The two red traits I use are Swift and True and Hail of Arrows (depending on the situation i might loose the Hail of arrows if no AoE is needed and trait Critical eye/Barbed fury or frankly any red trait).

    The blue traits I use are: Deadly Precision (more focus on crits), Swift Recovery (needful haste and intent concentration recover faster), Strong draw (mora damage from Penetrating and Blood Arrow), Arrow Storm (when i need AoE spam), Deep Concentration (power for intent concentration skill).

    For legendary Traits i put Improved Fleetnes, Bow of the Rightous (power for each skill usage) and third depends, it may be Press Onward, Rain of Thorns, rarely Bard's Arrow. Usually its Press Onward for that moment when the healer has something else to do.


    As you may have seen i prefer Precision stance. But i also do a bit of "stance dance". I might start a fight in endurance to give the tank time to secure threat. I might finish a fight in endurance to save power. On Riders of Rohan launch i might go in strength for the buff since the finesse from precision is meh. But most of the time im in precision. Strength is not bad either. Endurance is for fights where something went bad (power wise of threat wise).

    Problems encountered

    Our mission is simple. Pew pew. Most of the times were even the Raid assist target so we pew pew our own targets. But that means we mus know all instances and what target needs to go first. Two examples come to mind: foundry and Fire callers (they put crazy DoTs on everybody and need to go fast) and Roots of Fangorn spiderlings they need to die before they get in melee range with anyone. So get your target selections skills up (use tab if clicking is hard).

    What can go wrong? We pull a target we cant handle or run out of power. Thats it.
    What can we do? Well if you pull a target you have several things you can do:

    --- CC if not immune and call for rapid dps if its an add. Youre the rat after all. Should be dead before you are. Slow and kite works also, but be sure to kite TWARDS tank and healer not AWAY. Nobody likes a hunter gone bonkers running allover.
    --- use swift stroke to gain defenses (panic buttons for racials also good), the future Cry of the Hunter awesome. Kill before it kills you.
    --- if you pulled from the tank switch to endurance, put beneath notice and spam Quick arrow. A few shots and if tank is not blind and crysis should be averted.

    If you run our of power it means you maybe need more will/power, or fate for ICPR. East regen food. Or maybe you are not using the power return skills when active. Also put at least one power reducing legacy on your bow. Try the yellow trait Hightened Senses for a 10% power reduction. Also maybe you are using to many focus skills, they use alot of power fast. Also if you have power issues Heart Seeker is the worst skill to use (low damage to power if not improved and doesnt devastate). Power is our dps limitator unfortunately and were not on the Lore-Master priority list.

    Another mistake we can do (even pros do it if they forget the setting on from solo) is happy trgger pulling. That means you have activated auto attack can enable default skills and auto target options in Combat ticked off. And in the midst of the battle you shoot an arrow in the sky and pull a group of mobs on you poor fellowship. Very nasty. Also be carefull if you are not RAT when you select the target in RAT window. It might just be scrolling through targets with TAB and you might hurry and shoot the wrong one.

    Hunters in The foundry

    One of the most ran instance these days is The Foundry from the Rise of Isengard Cluster. It is a 6 man instance with 2 tiers. At this point running tier 1 has no point since tier 2 can easly be 4 manned.

    Our role here is so easy i cannot even describe it....pew pew pew pew....and pew. No matter what you trait for (except yellow its not needed) you will perform well.

    I personally trait for AoE for the many trash pulls. Read above for how to do that. Than means i can just spam AoE skills non stop and put some Penetrating/blood/swift in between.

    At first boss you will kill adds that enter combat, avoid flames and build your focus for when boss has shield down.

    At second boss you just have to be carefull not to land on the walls. Else stand in the right lower corner, walk through the boss when he kicks and dont die. Use Great River Bauble+Burn Hot+Focus Pots+Intent concentration as often as you can for boom damage.

    At final boss just dps and avoid the flames.

    See? Very easy.

    Hunters in Roots of Fangorn

    In this instance hunter are quite an asset. Here you can even bring in some of your CC skills, maybe not full yellow but Bard's arrow and Rain of Thorns are good. In theory Explosive arrow would be nice to but the loss in dps might not be worth it.

    Trash pulls are easy, stun on tank might get you killed if you are not careful but nothing bad. Retreat and return or just let healer rev you after.

    First boss can be tough for some groups. Your job if to take out Orc Defilers (cant remember exact name) then Orc fighters (they stun the tank if they attack and its game over if boss targets you or healer). Also target the Goblin snitch and CC/Kill asap (before he calls for reinforcements). Aoe is good to destroy totems (they drain power). In rest of time DPS boss. Also with dazing blow remove corruptions from boss (after 50% with Merciful shot).

    Next mii bosses are spiders with adds. On second one T2 first spiderling appears. Its your job to terget and kill ASAP. If coming near you kite. DO NOT LET IT GET IN MELEE RANGE. It puts a DoT that WILL kill you.

    At final boss you will be assigned a location to guard. Door is easiest, you see the spider very easly, select easily and he rarely makes it to you. Harder is the waterfall. You see the spider early but it becomes selectable with TAB and attackable after a bit. Hardest is center (usually the center one is agroed by the tank but not always). For center one you must stand as far from the spawn place as possible (best place twards door, else waterfall spider will come to you). On top of having to exterminate spiders you must take a poison off the tank (morale leech to spider queen) and go to roots and take of poison dots when they are more than 3-4 (and healer is safe). Quite a long fight so manage your power wisely.

    Hunters in Isengard Three mans

    Nothing out of the ordinary for the hunter in any of the three instances. Usual pew pew, no dificult thing, nothing exceptional to be carefull about. Except in Fangron you need to be carefull who you shoot (AoE can damage trees), who you pull (dont pull trolls) and strategic DPS at final battle (its your job to make or break the challange).

    Funniest is on final battle of draghnak. You will do absolutely nothing for challange. U can even die and nobody cares. Though stay alive and get half of the random ranged attacks from Draghnak like a sport to spare the healer.

    Will update with next cluster when it comes. Also if anyone wants to talk about role and tactics in Tower of Orthanc and Draighoc please do, i will update the guide (never been in any with my hunter)
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  18. Reserved for Ettenmoors tips (will get some help at this).
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  19. reserved for who knows what.
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    Thumbs up Super helpful!

    Thanks so much for posting this! Nice to hear an experienced hunter commenting on the class. I found it helpfull to stay occupied during the downtime! so thank you again! though i'm no expert on the class it seems that once you get the rythm of the attacs you'll be able to survive most anything. (of course unless you pull a balrog :P) Also you can recommend yourself to fellowships as a support unit with your anti-venom skill.

  21. Now thats im done reserving i can say that i will apreaciate any help on this guide (im in big need of numbers especially for stuff i dont use, dont want to have something poorly featured just because i dont like it). Just comment, argument and i will edit acordingly so anyone who reads will get a full view not just mine. Also as i stated in the first place i dont see myself as a perfect hunter. So offer feedback in a civil manner . Forth hunters
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    Anything about the different character stats and how they influence the class ?

    Virtues ?

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    Agi, agi, agi, vit, some fate. The rest is icing. The benefits a stat boost provides you are often wider than a simple raw boost to one stat - so for example 300 Morale is less useful than 100 Vit (I'd argue than 90 Vit, personally) as Vit helps your mits and regen.

    At 1800 agi and above, a high crit rating is often more useful than more raw physical mastery - particularly if, like me, you're a blue machine gun who gets lots of shots off quickly rather than a red cannon who hits harder but slower.

    Might and Will are basically irrelevant, Fate nearly so.

    At level cap, prioritise raw morale (zeal, valour) and mitigations (innocence, compassion, loyalty, fidelity, honour, charity). Of the stat virtues, determination MIGHT be worth it, not for the 42 agi on its own but also for the small morale and ICMR boost.
    The only absolute must is, in my opinion, zeal; tactical mitigation virtues especially for a raid hunter are the next most important thing.

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    ok i come back for like a 1year and a half break and don't know what is that physical mastery you talk about. I've seen something called finesse and audacity too. Totally unknown.

    Is there a wiki or place on the official website explaining all the stats system in details ?

    Thank you in helping a still young hunter in the learning !

  25. Quote Originally Posted by Drexlorn View Post
    ok i come back for like a 1year and a half break and don't know what is that physical mastery you talk about. I've seen something called finesse and audacity too. Totally unknown.

    Is there a wiki or place on the official website explaining all the stats system in details ?

    Thank you in helping a still young hunter in the learning !
    Phisical mastery unites Melee and Ranged mastery. It is dependent on the main stat of each class and dictates the damage you do. There is an increase of damage bonus (from 0% up) with diminishing bonuses as you move to higher values. As an example i have 26k Physical Mastery and my damage to on level mobs is increased by 91.9%.

    Finesse is a new stat. It decreases the chance your hits will miss/be parried/evaded. Also mobs have it and it increases the chance they evade/parry the shots. So high finesse is needed to kill mobs with high finesse.

    Audacity is only active in the Ettenmoors. It has several ranks (more to come with RoR). It decreases power costs, duration of CC and damage to prolongue fights. Was supposed to help balance things.
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