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    Switch between skill bar and gear setups

    Doesn't it get tiresome always rearranging your skill bar and swaping your gear for different occasions, you need to pop out of Moors and tank a little, you need to rearrange your skill bar, swap your audacity gear for tanking and then run to bard and change your traits. There are 3 Wardens in ToO PUG raid, why be useless when you can contribute to DPS again you need to start switching your gear. Then you get out of the raid and you have to start switching back...

    To my request, Turbine please add a way to save our skill/gear setups and make it easily accessible. Make it only possible out of combat, you still have to change gear in combat the old fashioned way.

    If there is way to do it with plugins please tell me, I havent found a way yet.

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    Maybe it's something more people do that I don't realize, but I don't personally know anyone who rearranged their skill bars. Everyone I know keeps their skills where they are. For example, I don't always heal on my RK but I leave my healing skills on my shift bar all the time.

    As for traits, I would love to see an option for a custom trait setup that you can just click once and save.

    For gear, how long does it take you to switch? 'cause it takes me like 15 seconds.
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    Well maybe people don't do it, because they don't have the option, because it's quite the pain always rearrangig the skill bar. I think it's just a little simple add on, I saw similar thing in TSW and I thought it would work here aswell.

    Well I change my gear all the time on the run and it's sometimes hard to find the ones you're looking for in your bag, it would make life simpler if I could compose tanking, full DPS, balanced and survivability(for Moors) build.

    Well maybe I'm not as good player as some, but I like to have my masteries in order of wich I'm pushing them and in convinient location, like EoB and Agression masteries need to be very close for tanking, because those are what I use the most, but I never use Agression in Moors so where I usually have Agression masteries I put Wardens Triumph masteries.

    It isn't as big change and doesn't need months and months of development to implement, little thing that would make LotRO more modern. And I have heard people ask for this before.

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    In RoR you get 2 additional skill bar setups. One is for horse riding, the other is for your normal skills. You can switch between them with arrows placed next to autoattack button.

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    The ability to store gear combos et cetera, is technology that Guild Wars 1 was using 7 years ago.



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