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    What is Tactical Mastery rating?

    What is the difference between critical rating and tactical mastery rating?

    I have a Rune stone of each and not sure which one to use!

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    crit rating = chance to crit
    tactical mastery = spell power (all-around)
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    Tactical mastery will increase the base damage of ALL skills.
    Critical rating determines how often each hit will be a BIG hit.
    BTW, there is also devastating critical rating, which governs if the hit will be really really big.
    You can view your tactical mastery and crit rating stat by going to the Character panel ("C") and choosing to view all stats.
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    For an RK is recommend going for a good balance between crit and tactical mastery. I learned that a little late so my RK is tactical mastery heavy at 31k and sitting at ~7k crit. The more crits you get the better your damage will be. So I would recommend 8k or higher to deal some nice damage.

    If you're looking at healing I would say the same thing with an addition of hitting heal cap (27.5k iirc) and then get crit for some massive heals

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    A good setup for a Lightning RK is around 29k Mastery and 9k Crit, for Fire 32k Mastery and 6k Crit

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    Quote Originally Posted by drboarder View Post
    What is the difference between critical rating and tactical mastery rating?
    Tactical Mastery modifies the amount of damage your skills do, as well as how much healing you do.
    Critical Rating modifies your chance to critically hit your target. (If you critically hit your target, you do significantly higher damage.)
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    Yes as others have said tactical mastery effects your base damage while crit rating effects the chance an attack will do extra damage (devastates are a rarer type of crits that do even more damage).

    For completeness I thought I'd mention crit magnitude and the asssosiated Devastate magnitude. You will rarely find this stat on gear but is very important, your most likely to come across it on the settings of endings you get from melding which have +X% Devastate Magnitude, the Fury of Storm Critical Multiplier legacy and the 3 set lightning trait bonus. This stat doesn't effect how much you crit, but how hard (specifically what you multiply your base damage by when you crit)

    This is why you see the advice that if your traited for lightning you should have more crit than if traited for fire.

    Here be maths, feel free to ignore!

    Say you do 5 attacks, each one does 100 damage, you will do a total of 500 damage.

    Now you have a crit rating which gives you a crit chance of 20%, and on a crit chance you do 2x the damage. One of your attacks should crit which would mean a total of 600 damage or an increase of 20% in damage. so in this case 1% crit chance = 1% damage

    Now you still have a crit rating which gives you a crit chance of 20%, but on a crit chance you only do 1.5x the damage. One of your attacks should crit which would mean a total of 550 damage or an increase of 10% in damage. In this case 1% crit = 0.5% increase in damage
    Its not simple to say how much crit rating is worth in terms of tactical mastery as each raw stat converts differently to the final effect (and given healing has a hard cap), different skills have different critical multipliers and a whole host of other effects, but hopefully this will help you put advice into context and understand why there is a difference and why it is important
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    Yes, crit rating is much more important to lightning spec than it is for healing or fire, but it's nice to have anyway. The reason for the difference is because Lightning gets high crit multipliers (i.e. their crits do extra damage). Plus, damage-over-time skills can't devastate, including Essence of Flame (even though it's not a DoT anymore) and channeled skills like Rousing Words and Smouldering Wrath can't even crit at all.

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