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Thread: Skip Isen?

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    Skip Isen?

    So i am a lvl 68 hunter, looking to gain a couple of lvls to enter the GR area. I do not have isen i went moria, loth, enedwaith. I have completed all the quests in enedwaith and seem to have topped out at 68 ½. For lvl. My question is because RoR is coming vary soon will the GR get me from say 70-75? Will i need isen at all? The gear seems good there but i am guessing when RoR comes it will be obsolete? Is it posibule to skip isen all together? I am a premium player and pay as i go, not that i wouldn’t buy isen, just seems if i can get buy without it i may do that and go straight to RoR? Any thoughts? Thanks in advance.....

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    You probably won't want to skip Isengard. There's some decent quest reward gear for the levels you'll be going through it as, much better then what you have now. If you try to go to Great River as-is, you'll have a hard time of it.

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    well, i guess i will go through isen then. would it be worth the ex pac, or just the quests? again considering RoR is coming and i am guessing the instances, and raids will become old and no longer run in the dash for RoR content? but thanks for the reply i think i will look at isen once more...

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    You can always start questing in Great River at around lvl 71/72 and get you to lvl 75 easily

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    yes but i am guessing i will need to upgrade my stuff first, i can always get crafted though.......

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    Since i dont have Isen qp at all, ive managed 75 with skirms and epic with huntress and with my minstrel only with quests in Mirk and Ene to get 69-70 and then GR only, no stress

    You could propably do some repeatable quest in Ene, they gain a huge amount of exp, so it shouldnt take it long to get to 69-70.

    For you imho inst Isen worthy right now. The gear from epic q rewards is way better than from regular q and even GR has some mediocre(but better than crafted) gear you could wear(with no more lvl 75 restriction after some update, horay!)

    It's up to you

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    Thanks for that its exactly what i was thinking myself, i think i will try it and if i want to run isen i will do it on an alt. looks like ill lvl doing epics, and Repeat quests (with some skrims in there) and hit GR, then RoR.... thanks.



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