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    The natural evolution of the Hunter.

    Now, we all know, weather some of us wish to admit it or not, a Hunter either caught in the open or jumped by a Warg in the Moors, we're pretty much dead. However, there is a few places where Hunters can, more or less, rain down death from above with virtual impunity on Melee classes.

    So, it's obvious we can't run from most Melee classes too well, with all of the slows and speed buffs they have, but if we were to have a vertical advantage...I present to you, the Tall Boy!

    Here, we can clearly see the armored plates at the end of mechanical arms as well as the heavier-then-paper armor.

    And here we can see the stilt-walker legs the Tall Boy rides atop of, rendering the operator virtually impervious to Melee attacks, as well as increasing walking distance with the longer legs.

    Ranged attacks will all gain +30m range, due to the increased height.
    Unable to be targeted by any Melee skills. Ranged and Tactical will still work.
    Heavy armor with all of the benefits of such.
    Armored plates provide extra protection from Ranged and Tactical attacks.
    Melee attacks replaced with self-buffing skills that deal with the Tall Boy system. (+Mitigations/Armor, +Stealth Detect, etc)
    Longer legs mean that you can easily stride across rivers without being forced to swim, as well as easily escaping ground puddles.

    Ladies and gentlemen, for your consideration...the Tall Boy.

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    hmmmm i see the slight possiblity of creep QQ...... not sure though. perhpas they will be ok with it...

    i also forsee balance issues (litirally.... how easy it is to tip over those things....)

    we need one o' those genie of the lamps to fix our problems. (goes on epic search)

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    Bumping because I can, and because all of you Hunters know this would be a sah-weet idea.

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    o.O, quite crazy idea, what's next? giving Gundans to guardians lol

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    No no, Guards are already getting Hunter DPS in RoR while still having Guardian armor and mits and whatnots. They don't get fifty-foot tall mechs with laser cannons and rockets at least until we get to Minas Tirith.



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