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    Cappy kiting Fangorn's Edge Last boss

    Hi guys, is it possible for cappies to kite FE last part orcs?

    But towards the end, there are no defeat events since there is just kiting, is there a way to create defeat events for RC at the end?
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    Quote Originally Posted by weiminc38 View Post
    is there a way to create defeat events for RC at the end?
    Never tried kiting it myself, but if you want to pop off some rally cries without defeat events, use the skill Time of Need. This works better if you grab a spare LI emblem and slot the two Time of Need legacies, "-morale cost of Time of Need" and "-cooldown duration of Time of Need".
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    1. The Ents will kill some orcs. If your group has tagged them (damage or threatening shout), you should get a defeat response.

    2. Trait Composure and have a -50% ToN morale cost swap emblem. This means a free RC from ToN.

    3. Make haste (45s) then LS (25s). If the fight isn't done yet, find higher dps.

    4. Unlike a warden (or a minstrel, or an rk), a captain can't last indefinitely when kiting. See above.
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    captain's are not bad for orc kiting...

    drink coffee at the beginning it makes it a lot easier.

    Get agro by healing people and hopefully they aren't hitting orcs with aoe's. use threatening shout to get agro on mobs that aren't already on you. If you run by a group of mobs you can try to hit them with PA which may give you a defeat event, it's not worth slowing down to do this. You'll lose more health than you gain.
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    see above, but you can also just ask someone to kill something quick if you do get low.

    strength from within is a good trait to have, aswell as shield bro and fellowship brother or if your tanking the instance aswell and are yellow traited it works fine to just turn for a second hit inspire and continue running.

    also kiting through the ents might hurt you a little but you could get lucky and have something die and get a defeat event.
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