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Thread: Commendations

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    And Please remember this only my opinion. So dont kill me more often in the Moors cuz I might offend someone =)

    I have been noticing a good number of freeps who dont like to play creep coming over to get commendations and then turn around and log on their freeps to use them. I think it would be rather nice if Turbine took a closer look at this and Maybe changed it so that Creeps get commendations ~or the like~ and Freeps get Tokens ~Or the like~ so that You can only use the ones meant for the side you are on and not using them for both sides. Meaning you actually have to earn them for the side you are playing on. I know this might be a little tough for newbie creeps but F2P creeps and any new comer creeps that have never gotten a freep to lvl 20 have been doing it since the game started so I really dont see that, that would be an issue. The only real issue I see is that ~and I dont think this would be a bad thing~ That folks would be less like to switch back and forth and use the rewards they get for being on one side or the other .. doesnt matter .... for the characters they were received on.

    I know crazy right????? Just a thought...=)

    Love you all,
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    Congratulations on outing yourself as being in beta ... hope you enjoyed it before you get kicked for violating the NDA.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Catisa View Post
    Congratulations on outing yourself as being in beta ... hope you enjoyed it before you get kicked for violating the NDA.

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    minye get kicked from lotro?..... that would be the final nail in the coffin for turbine. remember they are powered by their fans... or was it warner brothers

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    Its a good enough point Minye. Another thing which could be looked at is Destiny Points. Freeps still earn em but Creeps can't, at least not unless you have a Freep. So perks are not available to any creep unless you play a Freep. I know this is probably by design but its another advantage, that lets face it, Freeps don't need on the moors. I stopped playing my Freep months ago to concentrate on my playing my Creeps. I just don't have time to play both sides.
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    It would make a mockery of the NDA if she isnt punished. I hope they ban her for life.
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    How do any of you know whether Minye is in Beta or not? Who says she didn't just come up with this idea on her own?

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    Quote Originally Posted by bennyw2784 View Post
    (removed) Who says she didn't just come up with this idea on her own?
    Praise the ability to be able to edit posts.
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    Lol Con I Know that being Nice is not a trait offered on freepside but you should try it sometime. You dont always have to be so obnoxious. Perhaps we can ask yurbine to add that to freepside traits so you can try it on and see if you like it!! =)

    And thank you for the other comments I do hope turbine looks into it no matter the outcome of my post.

    Love you all,

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    In general i would agree with this....

    except for me...who groups as often pve as i do pvp....earning comms creepside so i can get some better gear than i would normally be able to have for all my alts has been very nice.

    of course i never use that gear in pvp.
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    I first jumped on creepside to try to earn comms for my poor hunter to try to get him gear. Figured by earning the maps I might get enough comms to get him a chance- especially since it seemed I was pretty much ignored by the other freeps and left to solo all the time.

    Then lo and behold I found nice people on creepside. I was invited to groups- sometimes without having to say anything. I had friendly people who not only put up with my noobness and mistakes but acted like they liked it when I was around.

    Haven't been back to freepside in the moors since. And I won't. And some of you posting on this thread show exactly why I won't- and why I much prefer killing you out there instead. Talk about a complete lack of class.

    I'm agreed with Minye- there needs to be something to help new creeps out. I've heard they've lowered the cost of skills and the first ranks of audacity with RoR, so hopefully that'll help some. But it would be nice if they had something that creeps could earn- and earn easily when starting out- that freeps couldn't use. A few quests for initial traits and/or skills might be another way around it.
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