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    The King of the Hill Game, or, "How I started The Thread of Pain"

    Okay. Here's how it works. I am currently the King of the Hill. The next person has to say how they removed me from being King of the Hill, and annouce that he/she is now the king of the hill. Then, the person after the next person, has to remove the current "King of the Hill".

    NewPersone101: I run up the base of the hill, and kick wraithwarrior101 in da shins, making him crumple into a sad little ball. I then push him off the hill, so he rolls down into a pit of lava. I'M KING OF THE HILL!!!

    NewPerson202: I sneak up behind NewPerson101, and hit him with a baseball bat over the head. I then drag his unconscious body to a dumpster, where I place him inside and set a 2 tone cement block on the lid. I'M KING OF THE HILL!!!

    Understand? Good. There are no rules other than no swearing, or sexual references. Let the pain begin!

    WARNING: This game is not suitable for children under the age of 13. They are not fit to take this kind of violent, destructive, horrendous, and pain-oriented game. If a child under the age of 13 wants to play this game, he/she must first sign a waiver, saying that wriathwarrior101 and company, will not be held responsible for any violent tendencies that he/she may pick up while playing this game.

    Oh. By the way: I'M KING OF THE HILL!!!!!

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    Unhappy :0

    Oh beloved Salloe,
    spoke of no ways, such as a name like wraithwarrior101 shall lead the hills.
    He hired, in secretly, two known creeps to throw him in the sulfur pits!

    Late at night, the creeps laid out a trail of hornblower's pies
    that would lead up into a false hole made up of branches and grass
    which contained highly sulfuric acid!

    Sadly wraithwarrior101 followed the trail.
    It was then decided that the major of the hills
    shall give the crown to the hill hugger, Salloe.
    There announcing that Salloe will be the the king of the hills!
    Dushuak Rank: 12 Galathia Rank: 6 Salloe Rank: 7 Ramaros Rank: 6 Amoris: Rank 6

    Evil People Lead To Evil Intentions

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    I pushed Salloe off the hill while he was writing that long post
    I am now King of the Hill.

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    Lacking creativity, guys.....
    When I was lured into the pit of sulfuric acid, I used a substitution jutsu, transporting my real body safely away. I then use a magic wand to shrink myself super small. I proceed to hide in a bucket of Kentucky Fried Chicken, which I have sent to the base of the hill. You cannot resist the savory smell, and crawl down to eat. I jump out of the of bucket and ram my tiny sword up your nose. You cry out in agony and step back, tripping over a rock I had the forthought to strategically place near the KFC bucket. As you fall, I use my wand again to make myself un-shrink and then I jump over to you, pick you up, set you in a catapult I had disguised as a bush, and fling you to China.

    I am now the royal, awesome, super-cool, and all-powerful King of the Hill!



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