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    UI Isil for Logitech G13 gamepad

    I uploaded a mod of the Isil.7MiniCenteredNoButtons for the Logitech G13 gamepad on Lotro Interface.

    You'll find it following this link:


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    I can see two similar approaches inspired by this solution.

    Approach 1 (similar to original poster):
    Summary: Map ~18-20 keys to G13 with 2 modifiers (ctrl,shift).
    1. Try to map as many of the 24 keys of 2 entire quickslot rows to your G13.
    2. Use CTRL and SHIFT/MAJ to toggle them to get 2 other rows. Gives you a lot of keys but not realistically 48 if you want them to layout nicely with this skin.

    PRO: keeps most of the keys on your G13 available and visible with a normal keypress
    With heavy mouse button assignment this could still be enough
    CON: the layout of the keys is all over the place and hard to memorize. limits number of keys you can map.

    Approach 2, vanilla 12 key map with 3 modifiers (ctrl,shift,alt)

    1. Assign just 12 keys of your G13, but use 3 modifiers (ctrl,shift,alt) to cover the bottom 4 horizontal quickslots. That's 12*4=48 keys!
    1A. Assign G2 G3 G4 G5 G6 G7 These map to values: 7 8 9 0 - =
    1B. Assign G9 G10 G12 G13 G14 These map to values: 1 2 3 4 5 6
    1C. Assign 3 buttons on mouse (or easy to reach keys on G13) to Ctrl, Shift, Alt
    1D. All the remaining keys are free for other assignments like esc, inventory, map, jump, /follow etc...

    2. Stacking hiding/unhiding is optional but I kind of prefer seeing them all the time in case I forget what is up on Alt G7 for example.

    3. For your movement, use the thumb stick to bind strafe, forward, reverse. Keep it from taking up valuable G13 space and it enables you to hit more skill keys freely with fingers that otherwise would have been stuck strafing for example.

    PRO: 24 key binds available on G2-G7 + 24 more key binds available on G9-G14 = 48 keys easy to hit and memorize.
    Lots of room for other utility binds you always want to hit without modifiers. Map, Inv, autorun, /follow, mount/unmount etc.
    CON: By assigning one row to the 'left' side and one row to the 'right' side of the quickslots its a little confusing at first especially with 3 keybinds.
    IF you are used to G2-G7 being your numeric keys you might leave it that way. I found that it was worth making the shift to have the 1-7 keys right under "home row" of the G13 since I hit them the most.

    Update: I ended up swapping the 7-= key sets to be visually above 1-6 on the quickslots rather than to the right. This ended up feeling more natural. Layout looks like this:
    s+7 s+8 s+9 s+0 s+- s+= a+7 a+8 a+9 a+0 a+- a+=
    s+1 s+2 s+3 s+4 s+5 s+6 a+1 a+2 a+3 a+4 a+5 a+6
    7 8 9 0 - = c+7 c+8 c+9 c+0 c+- c+7
    1 2 3 4 5 6 c+1 c+2 c+3 c+4 c+5 c+6

    Note that on a regular keyboard this would be like resting left hand on a,s,d,f instead of 1,2,3,4. Except on a regular kb I wouldn't have the nice thumbstick to use for movement and that would foul those plans up since I'd need to cut wasd or esdf in there.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Thermight View Post
    I can see two similar approaches inspired by this solution...
    So I just came back to this game to check it out (lifetime member) for latest book after 2 years. So glad I made this post. I set my G13 and quickslots back up just like above and it still feels natural and makes sense.

    The thumb button on the G13 for movement is really what drives it to be better than a keyboard. Plus ergonomic feel and key arrangement and macro programmability.

    Wish me luck learning how to level again lol. A long-time player from my Kin whom I respect said some of the later instances are the best in the game yet. So putting some trust in that and seeing how it goes
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