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    REQUEST - Upgrade to yard items - longer legs and bases.

    The new yard items are really fantastic, however they have the same flaw as previous items. They only work when positioned carefully on flat ground. Because the neighborhoods are so beautifully landscaped, there is very little flat ground.

    I'm sure you've all seen the flower boxes with one end hanging in the air, statues with corners that don't touch the dirt, picnic tables with legs buried two feet deep...

    My suggestion is that certain items, such as the picnic tables with food on them, be made a little taller. Fountain bases need to be taller, too. I have seen many people try to install the swan fountain, only to abandon the idea because of dirt and grass sticking up through the water pool.

    My second suggestion, which goes along with the first, is to make the legs of everything longer. Trees, you'll notice, never stick out of the ground. They go down far enough that they always sink into the dirt. I suggest that the chicken coup, table legs, flower box bases, and such be made much longer. Sure, they will collide with the ground, but I believe this will be far more visually appealing and natural that having them half-hanging in mid-air.

    Of course, no post made by me would be complete without a request for horses and stables as yard items. We have cave claws (brilliant!) and chickens (fun!) and even guards (boring, they don't do anything). We could really use horses, ponies, foals, colts, fillies, mares, geldings, stallions, mules... er umm... maybe even dogs, cats, pigs, and cows as well. *winks*

    Thanks for reading!

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    lol in this case you might want to start buying in-game lotro farms instead of a house. But having a stable would be nice so that you display which unused horses you got. I mean gotta do something with your old unused ones am I'm right?

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    Honestly I think the whole housing system needs an overhaul. They have been claiming that they plan to revamp housing basically since it was added. They should remove hook points all together and just have a set amount of items that could be placed in the house. And the number should definitely be higher than what is currently allowed in houses. My Hobbit hole, even when filled to the brim, looks empty inside. Housing is the only real reason I miss EQ2. They had the best housing. *sigh* I miss my mansion...

    EDIT: Oh and in EQ2 you could turn your mounts into housing items and create a stable type thing with them. You could also re-size the mounts...
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    I love decorating my house and yard.

    Some work on these would be greatly appreciated.

    More large items on the yard for example. I have my windmill taking up the only large area and it will never be taken away but I'd also like to use the Lorien fountain and other large items as well.
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