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    Firefoot Moors Vent Server

    I'm sure its been tried before, but I'll give it a try.

    Here ya go have at it:

    Port: 60927

    No Password

    25 user - 3 months.

    If people actually use it (I will) then I'll be more than happy to keep it live after 3 months.

    Send me a tell in game for admin rights if you wish to have them (Balidor/Badori). Everyone is welcome (yea, even Bagurat ). There is no banning at all for any reason. Learn to use the "mute" and to configure your vent client. Let as many players know as possible using OOC, the more we get in, the better I think 'moors will be. If I need to increase the server user count I will do so cheerfully.
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    I knew there was a reason I never pounce you!...besides the fact that I would die.
    I think this is great and will do my best to promote it.
    I personally will be in the 'One man Zerg' channel, until I die, then I will proceed to the 'Raging Silently' channel.

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    Hip Hip (/cheer) Horraayyyyy!!!

    Neutral Corner is where I'll hang, cause I dont care if creeps or freeps join... just here for the fun and games/people!

    Nice work Bali; see you all on the battlefield!

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    Thanks for this! made it a lot of fun when people were able to organize a 1v1 circle and got to hang out, duel, and see how our skills match up (and yes, I do still pretty much stink. LOL) Really enjoyed playing today. Thanks for putting this up Balidor.

    I'll be using it whenever I'm on. Would be even better if I could get my mic to work properly, but even without it's fun to listen in.

    (side note- anyone know why on earth my front mic port, if I plug it in, reverts to always "on" and playing back whatever it picks up, reverting in feedback? I can't find any way to configure it to only turn on when I want to actually turn it on)
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    where do you live
    Nice job Baildor! Hopefully this turns out well.

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    be prepaired to hear the sound of bubbles
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    Wink =)

    Great Job on the vent idea



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