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Meh, I always find using it when RK is at high attunement more effective, but then it also depends on the RK

Basically the same as what I do except for the dust and disarm. I use upper hand instead of dust because it gives +500 armour rating, it's not much but it adds something.

I usually find that ATO/Stun pots is needed more with RKs with low morale. But then I rarely fight high morale RKs tbh. Though I usually use ATO for if something resists like thrash, disarm or dust at beginning.

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If you wait longer on disarm you risk the chance of eating 2 EoS in a given fight. Its very often that 2nd one that will kill you. I'll use upper hand if I don't have an armour pot up, but its a waste of a move IMO, a move better spent doing damage. Not sure how you have more trouble against lower morale RKs, but without watching you fight I couldn't comment about that.

I will say that you should consider going with 3 crit defence, it makes a resounding difference especially in 1v1s. Just something to consider. Your guide is a good starting point for reavers, btw. Well done.